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How do the cowboy clothing drying, maintenance? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Cowboy clothing to wear fashion good-looking, but if you don't know how to hang and maintenance, the service life of clothing but will greatly reduce, dry cleaners management master teach you these little knowledge must keep firmly in mind!

after washing, must avoid bright light exposure, otherwise it will cause discoloration.

1. Do not force twist dry jeans

jeans not twist dry after cleaning, it is best to hang clothes tree while it is still in the drop of water in the ventilated place dry. Air must be reversed when the surface, at the same time try to get the pants barrels round barrel, because it is faster.

2. Down method of drying pants

hanging jeans with clamp of clothing is the best way of leg, reverse hanging, after such trousers to dry naturally.

3. Hanging light trousers skeletons

don't think the sun shines just take out the jeans sun, sun direct exposure can cause severe oxidation fade phenomenon.

4. Don't use iron to iron jeans

with jeans iron is a no-no. Thermal pants metamorphic easily, serious may shrink.

cowboy clothing after cleaning to note

just a matter of after cleaning? The fact is that cleaning after treatment is also very important, it is a good step to do can keep color and form better. To maintain the jeans, there are many taboos cannot iron, cannot stoving, cannot twist dry, more cannot be exposed to strong light, any one could lead to cause serious deformation or faded jeans metamorphic! Just pants down the best dry after cleaning, and trousers dry into cylindrical; Such not only can avoid shrinking, more can make dried to keep natural trousers contour, the bother of ironing.

the cowboy clothing collection method

take good maintenance of a pair of jeans, the last step is the correct way to store it of course! Might as well on both sides can be folded in half, and then the average into three equal parts folded, neatly placed in the drawer. If casually piled up in the chest may cause unnecessary crease, it would be disqualified! It is worth mentioning that there are well-known brand leaders said previously the jeans in the fridge can sterilization and remove bad smell, but the move without scientific proof, it seems to do more reports that will be more bacteria! So, if you prefer to give people a clean and neat image, best follow the cleaning steps, obediently rest do you wearing the jeans!
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