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How do you use the laundry tablets? Laundry use the matters needing attention - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Now there appear a flake of laundry detergent market, although only a small piece, but it can be like laundry detergent to wash clean clothes, for this new product, a lot of people do not understand, more do not know how to use, so small make up special introduce below.

laundry slice method of use:

as a new type of solid laundry products, maybe just come into contact with the consumer is not very clear how to use. The following will introduce you to spend the guard laundry tablets using method. Flower guardian laundry show solid shape, only 4 grams each piece, but about 3 kg washing. When washing clothes, will first washing in the water, no matter hot water washing in cold water can dissolve quickly. After laundry tablets dissolve, put the clothes in water for 20 minutes or so can begin cleaning. Because the flower guardian laundry using nanoparticles degradation, good contact with better after washing clothes. Laundry can adapt to all kinds of models, both machine wash hand washing can be used.

hand washing: see how much clothes to laundry specific how many, such as two pieces of clothes, tear off a third, dissolve into the water, the flower guardian laundry is instant, not wait for a long time, can melt into the water. And then into the clothes soaked 10 20 minutes, then rinse, wash not add harmful chemicals such as foaming agent, so it is of low foam, rinse it twice is clear. Then rinse water can also be secondary to use, used to water the flowers after ~ washed clothes will have light plant flowers ~

machine wash: how much we see the same clothes to put laundry tablets, if it is a drum, can put the laundry tablets to tear into small pieces with the clothes into the washing machine together, open the power saving mode, can also drive the laundry chip was first poured into the sink if is ordinary washing machine, directly at the time of water into the laundry, you can see the laundry suddenly opened, and at the same time in the shade ( Depth clothes mixed wash, color more dark clothing, absorb more two pieces) Because the laundry low bubble is easy to clean, open province electricity water model.

heavy stains: if it's heavy stains, use first scouring essence onto the clothes of the stain, wash, soak for half an hour to an hour and then the effect will be better, Severe please 24 hours cleaning besmirch, better effect)
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