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How do you wash the lambs wool coat? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Lambs wool can be washed? How to wash lambs wool? Cold winter a lamb wool coat is necessary, both warm and fashionable. But the white lambs wool is very easy to dirty, how clean lambs wool coat? Come see let lamb Mao Huanran a new clean little tips!

lambs wool can be washed? Can lambs wool washing machine? The answer is, of course not! Lambs wool after wash easily lead to shrinkage deformation of the leather. Even if is the use of special laundry program can't be used in wool.

lambs wool coat cleaning method & ndash; — Salt washing method

1, salt cleaning & ndash; — Local stain

( 1) Use a lot of salt on the stain, using a soft brush gently scrub, until the stain removal.

( 2) The salt on the lambs wool coat shedding.

( 3) Using the soft hair comb, and hair dryer with the lambs wool, salt completely shake off, lamb fur until fluffy.

2, salt cleaning & ndash; — The overall cleaning

( 1) Place the lambs wool coat in big plastic bags, add a little salt.

( 2) Forcibly shake plastic bags, until the salt color become dirty.

( 3) Force will shake off all the salt lambs wool coat.

( 4) Using the soft hair comb, and hair dryer with the lambs wool, salt completely shake off, lamb fur until fluffy.

the lambs wool coat cleaning method & ndash; — Water washing method

1, use cold water and PH value is less than 7 cleaner according to the proportional control good mix.

2, place the lambs wool water carefully rotate, bear in mind that rubbing.

3 of about 30 degrees, use clear water to rinse.

4, flat to dry towel, use dry towel blot the water gently squeeze.

5, absorb excess water damage, flat out to dry in a cool, ventilated place.


1, large stain and difficult to clean the obstinate stains such as: oily be soiled, red wine stains, coffee, etc. , Suggestions to the dry cleaners dry cleaning.

2, need to control in 30 degrees cold water, hot water temperature too high can easily lead to shrinking wool felting.

3, please do not hang insolate, cause deformation.

4. Remember to avoid direct sunlight, when air is basked in the sunshine and high temperature damage leather chemical stability and so on.
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