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How do you wash the mud of the stain on clothes to clean - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Go out in the rain, the bottom of the trousers is often make some mud on the stain, for dark clothes is not obvious, light color clothes will be a key besmirch, requires careful cleaning scouring. The mud is a typical type of paint stains, it is made up of tiny solid particles. Such stain removing the easier it is to the size of particles, and is more difficult, oneself wash not clean will be sent to the dry cleaners.

it is difficult to remove the mud of the besmirch, can be coated with detergent, in reverse use scouring brush knock off. After washing off the surface of the mud, and some stain marks remain wash not to drop, with liquid bleach + sodium pyrophosphate or bleach powder, warm water soak for a long time.

because bleach solution and sodium pyrophosphate strong oxidation solubilization, also have very good besmirch dispersion effect, it can make the mud of the adsorption on the fiber is loose, and scatter the mud into the detergent, water for each part, is dispersed into the water, the temperature of 40 - 50 degrees, if no sodium pyrophosphate washing powder can also be used to replace or detergent. For a long time after soaking, into the washing machine wash again within 10 minutes.

prompt laundry and small knowledge, clothing rain mud can only take scouring solution or water friction, dry cleaning almost no value, because the dry cleaner is also this kind of treatment. For color cotton and linen cloth to stains or scrub need careful, easy to cause the fabric white problem, cannot be too careful. After washing and years of research and development, the aerobic soak powder can perfect solve such problems.
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