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How health clean underwear? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Correct method of cleaning underwear:

1, the clean is one of the main points of the underwear maintenance

best washing alone, not only can effectively remove dirt, clear the fabric air permeability, moisture absorption mechanism of the fabrics, also can prevent cross infection or inside and outside the clothing color by it.

2, water temperature should be controlled below 40 ℃ advisable, do not use hot water.

lingerie washing water temperature must be controlled below 40 ℃, 40 ℃ water temperature is the most appropriate clothing color lock and lock type, especially the underwear.

3, washed by hand in the form of light according to

washed by hand in the form of light, more conducive to the protection of super fine fabric, make it more durable wearing time, and the color stability. If use machine wash, please in the chain, clasp, button, then deep light color packing in different laundry inside the mesh bag, leave gaps, slow gentle wash.

4, with the right amount of laundry tablets

too much laundry will bring quality burden, thus damaging underwear, remember after completely wash bath solution, add the clothes.

5, unfavorable wrest

such as to reduce air drops of water, can use towels absorb part of the floating cladding; If use machine, should continue to be placed in the laundry in the mesh bag and suggested time less than 30 seconds.

6, a little dry in ventilated place after finishing the

a little dry in ventilated place after finishing is the best way to dry the clothes, long time exposure is easily make clothing yellow or discoloration.
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