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How is prevented bask in clothes clean life expectancy - to keep it like this Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Can prevent bask in clothes washed it

the answer is possible. Only need to check before wash bask in clothes rub off tests, no fading can be washed. Is a simple method to judge sunscreen HaoLai garment fabrics, with clear blister, about half an hour after the rubbing, see rub off, good is prevented bask in clothes don't rub off, if fading away, that means prevent bask in garment fabric color fastness is not good, that is prevented bask in clothes prevent bask in the effect will not good to go. 40 degree wash, do not have to use warm water to wash, wash in cold water, in this way, the effect of water proof will be lasting. If you don't have water proof function, also try to hand wash washing, soaking time not more than five minutes, with a neutral detergent, so as to improve life of the prevent bask in clothes.

prevent bask in clothes right hand washing methods

1, use neutral detergent, melt in not more than 30 degrees of warm water, soak clothes invasion is not more than five minutes.

2, with a soft brush to scrub clothes dirty part.

3, plenty of water rinse, must will wash detergent composition.

4, do not twist dry clothes, dry it directly in the natural environment, but avoid sun exposure.

5, do not heat pressing, this same as backpack.

6, each washing for clothes have certain damage, avoid frequent washing.

7, in under the guidance of professional personnel, on a regular basis with professional spilt water proof about the waterproof to repair and maintenance.

prevent bask in clothes processing method right

1, choose the professional outdoor sunscreen clothes washing and drying process of washing machines, can for outdoor clothing materials, protection of waterproof breathable coating.

2, washing, washing machine to be able to adjust the right rhythm and washing, clean, and avoid washing friction damage waterproof coating.

3, rinse: washing machine is the introspection of foam technology, can completely remove detergent residues, avoid waterproof coating of chemical injury.

4, dehydration, the water in the washing machine to be able to make clothes slowly emerge, dehydrated and to avoid damage the clothes of the coating.

5, drying, washing machine can in no more than 55 degrees under the low temperature of condensation drying, drying of the waterproof layer and to avoid high temperature damage.

prevent bask in clothes cleaning essentials for

a select appropriate cleaning fluid

prevent bask in clean clothes as far as possible when not to use detergent or with alkaline detergent products, due to prevent bask in a slightly different raw material of the clothing material with other clothes, so try to use a neutral detergent liquid, to avoid the color of the clothes and windproof function such as formation damage.

2 hold cleaning tips

the neutral lotion supplies appropriate pour into clean water, soaked the clothes to the twenty minutes, gently with the hand, about the dirty after kneaded some we can use a soft brush, subtle, perhaps to soft cloth, or can be a damage to the clothes themselves, directly on the shade can be dried after cleaning.
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