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How linen textile fabric washing and maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Linen textile fabric how to cleaning and maintenance? Linen textile fabrics - installation Maintenance - Maintenance - After article: mainly introduces the dry cleaning, washing, linen textile fabrics in the 30 - before washing 35 degrees in the warm water soak for 10 minutes, washed by hand not wrest, paving maintenance naturally air-dried and washing method.

how washing linen textile fabrics and maintenance?

1, dry cleaning, washing, dry cleaning effect is best.

2, in the 30 - before washing 35 degrees in the warm water soak for 10 minutes.

3, detergent should use neutral detergent, avoid is used a detergent containing bleaching ingredients.

4, washed by hand not wrest, smooth the natural order.

5, anti-wrinkle function should be used when the machine wash, don't use dehydration function.

6, in order to eighty percent, had better high temperature pressing, products more level off, smooth.

7, washing into the packaging, then after folding, maintenance can prolong the service life of the right.

basically the same as the cotton linen fabric washing requirement, but the soak time shoulds not be too long. And because of hemp fibers are general is hardened, holding force is poor, should be gently rub, should not be on the washboard strong rub, avoid is used a hard brush brush, in order to avoid napping, ramie garments especially notice that otherwise after napping tickling feeling discomfort when wear it again.

cannot wrest crowded or dehydration after rinsing, in case of hemp slip, affecting the appearance and durability. Dries, the clothes should be led collar and juncture place such as flattening pull ting, but cool in the sun, but do not insolate or time is too long, to prevent fading. Linen fabric with a variety of stains, remove method is the same as the cotton fabric, but if a mild cigarette burning marks on linen fabrics, available again after a slice of lemon in the sun for a while can be removed.

maintenance is the key of the linen clothes washing and ironing. Must grasp the water temperature when washing. The temperature of the water not too high, should be controlled below 35 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. Linen fabric can use washing machine to wash, but must use cold water.
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