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How long has your sofa cushion have washed the _ - do you know how to wash the sofa cushion Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Dress boots always attentive of cleaning and maintenance. But your sofa cushion, you've been considering the feeling of it through a whole winter? Can't miss it!

to hold water basin, pour into detergent after stir until completely dissolved, blend in sofa cushions in the squash with the hand to make cleaner, sewage pour out and then rinse with water, with a clean dry cloth sofa cushion package for a few minutes, will be part of moisture absorption, then air dry, or make the sunlight is also a good way.

1, wipe the

use the soft sponge or clean dry cloth, dab has diluted neutral detergent to wipe the surface, then wipe with water again.

change garments according to the season, your sofa cushion, cleaning, maintenance?

2, sun

the sun is the easiest and most efficient to plush sofa cover cleaning method. Ultraviolet (uv) light can effectively kill some invisible bacteria, ensure plush sofa cover basic health status. But note that this method is only applicable to wool cloth with soft nap of the lighter color, because the fabric and material is different, some may be fluffy may fade easily.

bask in, should be placed outdoor, if through the glass sun is no bactericidal effect. Often the plush sofa cover outside and bask in the sun is very good.

3, dry cleaning

can directly to send dry cleaners dry cleaning, this method is the most professional and the insurance.

4, disinfection,

the longer sofa cushion, surface and within the more bacteria, rinse alone cannot achieve clean effect. At this point, will be in just the right amount of detergent in clean water for disinfection treatment. In the water at the same time, we can join the right amount of detergent or laundry detergent to disinfection treatment, to achieve the function of antibacterial and anti mite.

after sterilization and washing of dry process, be sure to intermittent flap was carried out on the sofa cover, make its surface and filler fleeciness softness, restore good shape before washing.
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