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How many right - hotel supplies sheet bedding bag degree of cotton Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Hotel supplies sheet bedding bag suitable degree of cotton? Of course is 100% cotton; I went into the hotel will see, the in the mind hope is 100% cotton. A little more upscale hotel will adopt high count of bedding. Families also can choose pure cotton bedding.

hotel sheets bedding bag cleaning and disinfection method is as follows:

1, hotel cleaning equipment in the washing process for whitening disinfection effect of excess bleach problem that is very bad, remember must amount to appropriate, so as to ensure the quality. Every 45 kg are advised to keep clothing and 0. The concentration of 95 kg of 1% bleach can extend the life of the fabric and improve the quality of washing. And after washing should be neutral and clean. This can not only increase the service life of the sheet bedding bag, also can let the hotel washing work more reasonable.

2, hotel cleaning equipment in the washing sheets when see sheet contamination degree and the fabric, if these all will affect the washing effect. Generally speaking, the blending of the sheets with hotel after washing machines wash up to 150 times should replace the new sheet. The life of the pure cotton short some. Hotel washing machines wash good sheet, can use intentionally two head backwards, so wear is more even, to some extent acceptable to the sheet. At the same time, it can save some cost to a certain extent.
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