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How many types of household laundry detergent formula products can there be?

by:Jingliang     2022-12-02
What is a household laundry detergent formula product, and how many categories can it have? The general name of washing powder technology products in my country's chemical industry, which can be divided into four categories: washing powder for fine soft fabrics, this washing powder formula product is used to wash high-grade textiles such as silk, wool fabrics, nylon, etc. Washing products that are made by hand gently; the other is a type of washing powder for laundry. This washing powder technology product is mainly used for washing cotton and linen fabrics, such as inner clothes with a lot of dirt, work clothes, sheets, bed sheets and other items. Items to be washed; there is also washing powder for the kitchen. This washing powder technology product is mainly used for washing cooking utensils, tableware, food, fruits, vegetables and other items. Some of these items are washed with detergent technology products. , Because they are all hand-washed, individual producers have added general ingredients suitable for washing items in the detergent formula data; there is also the washing powder used in the living room, which is individually used for washing furniture, utensils, and other items. Important It is used to wash hard-named items. This type of hard-named washing powder is individually added with strong decontamination and disinfection, and contains fragrance materials.
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