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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
To speak of the suit, which is more formal companies and big bosses are to wear a suit, they wear clothes look like is not generally good, let's see how long a suit to wash? What is suit to knit method:

how long suit wash:

a suit normal 8 hours to wear to work, the clean cycle in about 20 days, obsessive cleaning suit can damage a suit fabrics and version.

the commuters crowded, dust, sweat, dust, etc, make the office suits most easily soiled. Dressed in a neat black wool suit, although it is important for a look at the costume was impeccable, but the suit is dirty, only because is black so less visible. How much will be dirty? Here is a dirt track data about to wear a suit, is introduced as follows:

1, the tenth day

the dirtiest part around the collar and cuffs of the jacket, the garment of holding bottom part and on both sides of the pocket mouth part. Smudgy degree was determined by the scientific method, we can see the dirt of the reflectivity. With automatic determination of off color, the results of determination and coat with ten days of smudgy degree, collar is 40%, the cuff is 20%. Clothing smudgy degree, under the bottom mouth reached 45%, trouser pocket mouth reached 30%, back pocket reached 26%, knee reaches 21%, began to apparent smudgy degree. The smudgy degree is more than 20%, you need to wash. In general, coat smudgy degree averaged 13%, pants smudgy degree will reach 21%

2, 30 day

all the dirt, almost don't want to come near. From the point of reflectivity, coat is the most dirty collar, reached 48%, 32%, cuff trousers are bottom 53%, trouser pocket mouth 44%, 36% back pocket. Too dirty to other place also is very serious, has reached the unpleasant. Smudgy serious when, will produce bacteria. Dirty, the more serious part, of course, the more bacteria. And, very serious, test paper and acidic reaction, affect the toughness of the fiber. Like in recent years, dark tonal build suit all year round, have smudgy also less visible, easy to ignore the dirt. According to the survey of white suit, since the tenth day, some parts of the smudgy start is obvious.

in 20 days, comprehensive smudgy serious, give a person the sense with unclean. In 30 days, then reach the level of is reluctant to contact, make the person looked very uncomfortable. Through this survey also learned that both jacket and pants, is the inside than the outside dirty fast. Jacket sleeves, for example, is also the inside than the outside dirty fast, leg also is the inside than the outside dirty. We use the brush to clean clothes often lay particular stress on the outside, it is wrong to do so.

suit of cleaning advice ( If must be dry cleaning)

most of the time, a little stain on the suit will make you a headache, especially in their senior suit custom, because such a suit is very expensive, still very heartache. That how to clean a suit, clean the stain on a suit?

if it is cotton or linen plant-based leisure suit of color, can use the detergent warm gentle cleaning in the home, do not machine wash. If it is a formal suit, gift that must be sent to the professional at the dry cleaner, because such a suit in the chest and shoulders have finalize the design line, shoulder pads, this process is to better reflect suit, crisp, and just wash some ingredients can destroy it.

when the laundry to note that many dry cleaners work method is very rough, this inevitably will give you a suit of damage. Clasp damage or loss of which is the slightest damage. If they are suit for you to inappropriate ironing, will cause permanent damage to your clothes. Therefore, we took pains to you advice: you can only put the suit to reliable professional dry cleaner to clean.

how long suit wash to knit method is how to

suit to knit method:

if you fold your clothes out of hate, then you have to put up the clothes to use steam steamed well. Therefore, you should put hot water in the bathtub, so far has been on the mist in the bathroom, Don't open the Windows) When you put the suit on thick fog, and half an hour. This way there will be a wonderful effect. It will not only make clothes fold disappear, but also can make the fiber to absorb moisture, and then make the fiber elastic restoration. In addition, the moist air at night can also play a good role in this respect.

this air has another effect: it can well remove the clothes smell of tobacco smoke. Therefore, if you often appear among smokers, so, you must be on the balcony or roof platform on the nail a nail. When you blurring the creases of trousers, you don't use the iron ironing trousers fabric directly, but should be a layer of wet cotton pad on the top of the fabric. Otherwise, you will appear on the legs of the burnish like you don't want to see the grease.

about the suit of cleaning time, and to knit method is introduced to here, or to wear clean and tidy, no taste better suit.
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