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How pure wool clothing care _ pure wool clothing care method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Wool fiber clothing, either nursing method, before washing clothes should be inside out. This helps to keep the garment appearance fades. In order to avoid clothing color with each other, when deep light color clothes drying should be placed separately. Small make up today and share the wool care guide, please treat your wool clothing.

1, the empty pocket

in front of the store or washing, should first empty pockets, remove belt, jewelry accessories, such as to avoid hang clothes or wrinkle. Before the store need to pull the clothing zipper and button.

2, dusting

is only applicable to woven garments. Using longitudinal light clothing special soft brush to brush off the clothes, to remove dust on the surface of wool clothing, prevent stain formed over time. Dust and dirt can make the wool fabric bleak.

3, ventilation,

if you want to remove the smoke on the wool clothing or food smell, it can be flat on the bed or towel for about an hour. Woven clothing can also use the right hangers hanging in ventilated place.

4, woven clothes hanging storage, knitting clothing fold save

tatting wool clothing should hang in joint clothing version of type or a pad on the hanger. Knitting clothing should be gently folded, stored in a drawer.

5, interval in

in the dress of the same wool intervals not less than 24 hours. This wool fiber can have enough time to restore the original elasticity, clothing is not easy to deformation.

6, refresh

will be removed from the trunk or after being worn wool clothes hanging in the bathroom full of steam, after a period of time wrinkles disappear without a trace, clothes look brand-new.

7, air-dried

the wet wool clothing should be dry at room temperature under the condition of shade, avoid the sun direct illuminate such as heat source.

8, press the

do not need ironing wool clothing in general, but in the case of a fabric is very smooth, look likely to be more outstanding after ironing. You can only use steam ironing wool clothing. Iron will be dispatched to the wool, and avoid using iron dry clothes.

9, lightweight fabric care

the wrinkles of lightweight wool fabrics can take longer. On fabric cushion piece of wet cloth or use steam iron, ironing temperature will be dispatched to mid-range/second gear, can remove the fabric drape

10, long-term receive

because food stains on the clothes and body fat will attract moth, so must ensure that before receive clothes clean, then put it in the bag or store content box. Aj vernet laundry division suggested after dry cleaning, and then to receive a save, cover type and moth-proofing function.
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