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How ripped jeans washing step nine - wash hole in jeans Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Hole jeans as a must-have fashion item, hand hole jeans how to avoid the washing the broken? Is he who sees through the hole jeans together under the cleaning method and the matters needing attention, the correct way of washing to keep the hole jeans?

how ripped jeans washing, wash before finishing 1

hole jeans before cleaning, pay attention to tidy up good trousers other impurities inside and outside objects, such as solid objects, lighters, purse, sand.

how ripped jeans washing 2, prevent deformation

zipper remember well, in order to avoid deformation of ripped jeans button. If you have other metal chain, you need to do a good job of handling, so as not to scratch the pants.

how ripped jeans washing 3, cleaning frequency

jeans washing frequency is not every time through the need to be cleaned, modelling and color for jeans, general wear 3 times to clean it more appropriate at a time.

how ripped jeans washing 4, prevent mutual dyed

jeans is colored with indigo dye, whether use machine wash or hand wash, devised the starry sky net, will be rub off, so the brunet with light color wash separately, because dark pants easily rub off when cleaning, mixed in with each other easily. Usually can use the + + water against the vinegar, salt and then soak for 30 minutes to keep color is not easy to rub off.

hole how wash jeans, pay attention to the washing water temperature

hole jeans don't want to use hot water to wash, because more than 20 degrees of hot water to wash clothes, will destroy the fabrics of clothing, easy to deformation.

how ripped jeans washing 6, clean way

ripped jeans, denim clothes are all the same, in order to protect the surface in good condition, all as far as possible need not gravity cleaning, washing machine, in particular, so when cleaning, had better surface, in turn, but inside the outer, protection.

if it is not very dirty, with salt water bubbles. To have smudgy place, can rub soap, with a soft brush gently brush. Or weak alkaline detergent for 20 minutes after dissolving, and then with a soft brush gently brush.

how ripped jeans washing 7 and notice the

although jeans cloth thicker, more durable, but vigorously, don't be used when cleaning first soak for 10 minutes, under the hand press. It is important to note that the strength of the control, rinsed repeatedly 3 - in the end 4 times.

if it is to use the washing machine wash, do not choose express, choose middle-grade or gentle wash, and had better not wrest, after rinse clean to prevent hole deformation of jeans.

how ripped jeans washing 8, the choice of detergent

to use with a mild detergent, cannot use bleach.

how ripped jeans washing 9, drying technique

after the cleaning, can blow a hole, or dry line after all tangled together, at the same time is to make pants dry naturally. Nature is the best way to dry the wind blow dry, natural dry dry comfortable than the sun insolates, exposure and for the pants itself is also a kind of invisible damage. If you meet the wet weather, you can use the iron, or dryer, radiator, to assist in heating furnace, but should pay attention to.

hanging jeans trousers in turn down, is the best way to do so more quickly, but the important thing is not out of shape.

ripped jeans and maintenance tips:

hole jeans 6 - as far as possible Clean up to 12 months, if a lot of sweat in summer, you can take the hole jeans hang a ventilated place, spray some water, and let it dry wind, so sweat on the hole jeans don't; If the hole jeans stuck on something dirty, dirty place you can sprayed with water, and then gently pinch of dirt, hang up again in ventilated good place, the natural air-dry.

if it is not dirty, it is best to wash local, not the whole water, easy to deformation. Jeans are actually a little bit of dirty mind, old jeans to wear a personal taste, can turn it over to put at ordinary times the sun drying, sterilization can kill, it can keep the jeans of version, and will have their own style through.
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