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How should after washing clothes ironed, these action - you don't know Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Before ironing, the most important is to understand first fabric quality and the processing method, will be different because each cloth processing skills, if not clear first, one not careful, it could seriously damage the clothes fiber. However, any kind of fiber, through the iron after pressure, how much can also harm the fabric, so we before air basks in clothings, must to spray evenly sprayed with water mist, the dress then clothes into a moment with a plastic bag, so can make the moisture spread on average, and make the clothes ironed it better.

iron operation is also very important, when holding the iron, to make the tip to rise slightly ahead, and later forcibly pressure, at the same time to run toward the front, not backward. When you feel not smooth at the bottom of the iron and ironing clothes can put it on the stencil friction when the stagnant several times; Touch the ground or cut some wax layer, pod in folded cloth, and then to heat the iron pressing, to dissolve wax layer penetration into the dishcloth, become ( Wax cloth) With this kind of daub wax cloth at the bottom of the iron, can make its lubrication.

if the iron bottom of coke, the ironing it may stains on clothes, so, you must first try to remove the coke. Available turpentine oil daub, such as coke trace dissolves now with a toothbrush with toothpaste or was carefully wipe. If the bottom of the iron rust, also can use toothbrush with toothpaste wipe to see first, if the brush to remove rust stains, then use wire cloth of edible oil to clean, but be careful to wipe, don't hurt smooth iron base. With was then, household cleanser, or soda ash light iron grinding, finally to lubrication with wax cloth.

when ironing, water spray to appropriate, not too much or too little, or you will make extend the time of ironing and iron isn't pretty. In the plasma may stick to the iron when ironing clothes, if first in pulp, salt can avoid this situation.

ironing cotton clothes, such as accidentally burnt to iron, can have a few of refined salt, rub on iron coke, the doors can be eliminated. Can also apply to the focal point, with fresh lemon juice and then dried, can remove the doors. Or onion cut into circular ice is wiped, reoccupy cold water a blunt, burn marks will become weak.

knitwear easy to deformation, have to be careful when ironing, not heavy iron, as long as gently pressed.

silk on or synthetic fiber, iron, it must be spread a white cloth, if ironing ironing board is too hard, can be folded blanket, covered with a piece of white cloth, just on the ironing board ironing.

number of woven material, MAO, not directly with the iron, can take a piece of silk with the material, surface and surface cooperate together, gently pressed, from the inside or the cloth in the middle of folding, gently iron can also be in it.

buckskin is a kind of fine wool fabric, is often used to make a dress. When ironing buckskin be doubly careful, do not use too hard iron plate, at the same time, not with the iron directly under pressure, to spread a cloth on the clothes, then gently press down from above can be.

when ironing a shirt, the collar and cuffs is one of the most important place, first flipped the clothes, ironing began in bottom from these places, going back positive carefully ironing, again make water evapotranspiration off completely. Sleeves, shoulders, etc. , with a small ironing board is best, if not, can use the palm of your hand to in the sleeves, another hand holding the iron gently pressing becomes. Button parts, from the bottom mat towel with elastic cloth, pressing force.

when ironing trousers, to make its become BiTing, around two a sewing line should be pressed to finish straight, pin don't live trousers line are available, and then carefully with the iron, then ironed out, broken line will also docile. Wear long trousers, part of the expansion, the knee like a ring round to bulge, very awkward, but the pants turned negative, brush with wool around the knee of touch water, brush the quad stain, will loose parts from outside to inside, repeated pressed several times, and in the middle of the circle with water pressure with the iron iron, finally going back to positive whole pants pressed again.

suit after ironing, if found to have obvious be pressure too light, you can have a glass of water and a teaspoon of ammonia solution, spray on clothes, and then with a wet towel to wipe bright place, to lay a towel on it again, use the steam iron to board, at last, with a brush to remove the light. If the suit is Scotland and soft texture, remember to use a soft brush to brush. Iron suit, if on the fold line on a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar, and then guide with the iron iron, will be very BiTing, or directly with vinegar line can also be wet suit.

after putting the long skirt or dress, the old line is how iron iron, available a a small bottle with a pump ( Such as perfume bottles, etc. ) Some vinegar, vinegar: then put on the fold line, with iron, fold line mark will disappear soon.

tie cannot directly ironing, want to use steam electric iron, gently touch, tidy up the shape becomes by hand. Or cut into the shape of a tie, thick paper pad under the tie, put on tie a piece of thin cloth to iron. Sewing parts are not iron.

after dehydration, the handkerchief, available dry iron. If dry, to iron, afraid to hand on the ironing board, good shape, spray, with high by the central pressed upon their four sides.
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