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How should ski-wear, wash - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
What should ski-wear, wash? As necessities of outdoor activities, ski-wear, it is easy to dirty, many people don't know how to correct the cleaning charge garments. Learn a few action quickly follow below small make up.

a: by hand,

all say hand wash clean, what reason in. Is that hand washing can rub is easy to dirty parts, such as cuffs, collar position, etc. Hand washing principle is to use the fabric mixed with liquid detergent mutual friction between clothes washing clean. The first step in the neutral detergent soluble in cold water, a little after wiping, 20 - put dry ski-wear, in For 30 minutes.

then with handle gently knead, heavier neckline cuffs besmirch place can use collar first net solution, such as pretreatment, rinse after soaking, finally can brush with a soft brush.

2, machine wash

1. Pulsator washing machine, is what we call traditional washing machines, clothes from above the sort of, its principle is to use the washing machine at the bottom of the dial wheel drive water to stir up the clothes. Can be directly after ski-wear, soak for 10 minutes, and then into the pulsator washing machine.

2. Rolling washing machine, its principle is to use the inside of the drum edge brought clothes play drum in the top, then use whereabouts, the gravity of the clothing itself behind the panting drum bottom, using the way of the break strokes clothes washing clean. Directly after ski-wear, soak for 10 minutes, and then into the rolling washing machine.

if hand washing is the charge of clothing, not directly with the hand twist dry, of course also cannot use washing machine to dry. Both washing after washing can be done directly dry in the shade.


remember that do not use alkaline cleaning products such as washing powder soap, if not the solution properties, can replace (with bath or shampoo These are generally neutral) 。

because we can not use the washing machine dehydration, so after washing them can use dry towel blot clothes surface and the inside of the water, so clothes dry faster! And ski-wear, fleece inside the tank, can machine wash dehydration, but in order to guarantee the fleece of softness and warmth, also had better use neutral detergent.

wash without dryer after dehydration, otherwise the GTX film is fatal damage, hang them in the shade.

if you could spend a lot of money to buy a good charge, then have to spend money to buy it a very good washing powder or liquid detergent. Don't in order to save a few bucks on detergent and ruined the dress will do more harm than good.
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