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How should suit maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
A suit is the mail of modern gentleman, if do not pay attention to maintain at ordinary times, suit fabrics become loose, is bleak. If proper care, you can make your suit to keep good elasticity and fat, wear five years are as good as new!

eight wool suit all maintenance practical tips, hope to be able to help you!

1, the suit is not recommended in two consecutive days or more

high-grade suits more is to use natural fibers, such as wool, silk, mohair, cashmere as raw material, this kind of suit after being worn, due to the tension and variant, but as long as let him rest appropriately, can recover. Small make up recommend usually prepare 2 ~ 3 sets of the suit is rotated.

some friends in suits, like the jacket pockets and pocket to store keys, cell phone and other small items, but for a long time to do this very easy to cause the pockets variants, as well as the line, please try not to store items in the pocket oh ~

2, please use the brush to brush after the return to wardrobe

dirt and stains is the greatest enemy of a suit, can make the fabric lose luster. When you take off the suit, it is recommended to use a professional suit brush gently brush away dust, and then back into the closet. Don't look down upon this step, it can help us to reduce the number of dry cleaning, extend the service life of a suit!

all wool suit has good elasticity, hygroscopicity strong, not easy fouling characteristics, as long as it's not particularly serious besmirch, can use local washing to remove.

after cause stains, as soon as possible with a suit brush touch water or a little cleaner, along the texture brush in the direction of the light, suit to remove stains.

3, suit to hang for

jacket need to use the deposit and shoulder are the same as wide hangers hanging, hangers suggested to choose the width of the handle circular suit hangers, wood durable curve and close to the man's shoulder, suit hanging type won't broken shoulder. If the condition allows, can also buy a suit dustproof cover, can prevent the friction and dust.

suit pants can use special pants wearing pants, down pants, using the weight of the trousers to easily remove protruding fold the knee. Besides, there are also a kind of commonly used methods: legs cross hanging under the clothes rack. Save a space already, also can better keep the creases and pants, down from the hanger after only a few minutes to bounce back, horizontal if use hang ironing machine simple bending ironing effect will be better.

4, unfavorable and often dry cleaning, 1 ~ 2 times a year for good

wool suit are generally required when washing & other; Dry cleaning & throughout; , but repeated washing can damage a suit fabrics luster, so underpants suit often dry cleaning is not recommended, as long as wearing note some at ordinary times, dry cleaning 1 ~ 2 times a year.

dry cleaning advice when looking for professional and on shop, they can provide professional care for the suit, reduce the possibility of all wool fabric is damaged.

5, and how to remove a suit fold

suit after take off, common fold natural suspended for a period of time can be removed. If fold more difficult to eliminate, can suit on a hanger, use hang ironing machine on the fold of the steam injection enough, especially activity, more prone to fold in areas such as the elbow, knee, the sleeve, the waist.

6, ironing suit order

ironed lining, ironing is spray a small amount of hot water, iron mobile families and slow a bit

ironed local, for local uneven pointed out that the input meticulous finishing ironing

ironed shoulder, cotton pillow into the armhole, wet cloth pad iron, after the tang dynasty with special hanger suspension.

7, how to remove a suit on the light,

suit because of its fabric features ( Especially the smooth fabric) , wear long will shine the light on, especially the elbows, knees and hips are most likely to produce the light, so often should prepare several sets of more at ordinary times change, so it is not easy to shine the light on.

if you want to remove a suit on the light, can be to half pot of water and add a few drops of vinegar into the wet towel, towel according to the direction of a brush a few times more, can to remove the effect of light. ( The above tips to simply remove the light, shine the light if you suit up serious, suggest to take professional dry cleaners for processing! )

8, suit stubborn stains cleaning

coffee stains, tea stains:

coffee and tea are water-based stains, first with a dry towel blot, gets no longer diffusion, reoccupy cloth stained with lemon juice or vinegar is wiped, can be washed away.

cosmetic besmirch:

the lipstick on dyed in light color clothes, can touch with cloth take first discharge makeup oil is wiped, and then clean with clear water.

oily be soiled, fruit juice:

pad at the bottom of the stain a dry towel, dab with another towel neutral detergent wipe repeatedly, finally washed with clear water.
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