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How sweater hung drying deformation, deformation _ sweater Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-26
Hang deformation washed sweaters? Sweater is the hardest thing to do, drying is bad, the sweater is easy to deformation. Buy a special air sweater tool, because few opportunities for common use, a bit of a waste and take a place. Actually the tool, even if there is no special drying sweater can also make good use of existing resources family, good air basks in sweater.


in the first place, the sweater cleaned, gently twist to the water, and then to a commonly used plastic bags, will the sweater in the drop of water into the bag, then put the plastic bags hung dangling on the tap, die in the bottom of the bag to open several holes, let the bottom of the plastic bag into mesh, so that the water down the hole in the sweater slowly flow out.

extrusion plastic bags can make water distribution faster, suspension for an hour or so, the water can flow in the sweater about, sweater with hangers normal to dry. After washing the sweater before next time to wear, it is best to collate steam iron will be better the fluffy.


1, sweaters, washed with towel first suck the moisture of sweater.

2, then blot sweater flat out on the bed sheet, The good water imbibition, clean old cotton sheet folded into four layers, spread on the plane) 。

3, gently with the palm of your hand will be sweater pat down to no creases.

4, sweater works seven minutes, use a hang coat hanger, in a cool, ventilated place dry can.

method 3

1, after dehydration sweater on a large towel, flattening pull out good, then placed still.

2, hang to dry, one or two days later can reduce deformation rate of sweater.

3, also can put sweater string bag, put the best before a full form, and then after folded in, let it dry naturally.

method four

1: turning over a sweater and the back.

2: the sweater folded in half.

3: prepare a coat hanger, peg position in the armpits, inclined on the sweater.

4: at this time to turn up sleeves.

5: will also turn up another cover on the top of the sleeve.

6: this sweater can be hung on the balcony, no clothes rack structure, is very clever, clothes won't be deformation.
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