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How terrible of fluorescent agent in expert misgivings: clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Many parents in order to guarantee to buy children's underclothes sheets do not contain fluorescent agent, pop up with purple light first as a flashlight on, fluorescent agent really that scary? This purple light flashlight to identify clothes whether contain fluorescent agent is really so on?

fluorescent agent is? Fluorescent agent really that scary?

fluorescent whitening agent is a kind of fluorescent dye, dye or white, is also a kind of complex organic compounds. It can stimulate the incoming light are the characteristics of fluorescence, make the material stain similar fluorite shimmering effect, make the material of the naked eye is very white, whitening effect. Its role is to put the products absorbs the invisible ultraviolet (uv) radiation into a purple blue fluorescence radiation, with the original yellow light radiation are complementary to become white light, improve the product whiteness in the sun.

in addition, because it can also be used in detergents and textiles, so also want to consider when skin contact may lead to problems. At present studies showed that are safe, didn't find they have a light on biological effect, also won't produce mucosal stimulation. Although for a handful of individuals, exist the possibility of an allergic reaction, but cause allergic reaction fluorescent dose greater than the required daily exposure.

the paper towels and other products of fluorescent whitening agent, with related national standards strictly forbid to add. , fluorescent whitening agent research experts, east China university of science and technology professor yong-jia shen also said that forbids the use of fluorescent whitening agent in the tissue, is to avoid manufacturers use recycle paper towel, and abuse of fluorescent whitening agent.

in the practice of purple light flashlight irradiation on?

although purple light flashlight can detect whether such as clothing, diaper, sheet contain fluorescent agent, but does not determine whether the content exceeds bid. Ultraviolet light is mainly used for medical disinfection and treatment, as the use of medical apparatus and instruments, countries have strict standards. People's eyes if long-term exposure to ultraviolet light, light can make the eyes have a foreign body sensation and discomfort, or feel burning, pain, photophobia, tears, blepharospasm, etc. , have strong ultraviolet ray also can cause eye damage. Industry experts also stressed that & other; Uv light can produce certain harm to ordinary people, harm is even greater for pregnant women, be careful even disable & throughout;
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