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How the yellow perspiration also wash not to drop, to teach you easily remove the sweat be soiled on clothes! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
It's hot in summer sweat more, it is white or light color clothes, after being sweat soaked leaves ugly yellow stain marks. How to wash away the perspiration?

one, the water that clean out rice to perspiration

will be collected after water that clean out rice, then add the water that clean out rice to warm standby; Then put the catch perspiration clothes soak for 10 minutes or so; Soak, after the completion of routine of washing can remove their clothes on the yellow perspiration, and some bleaching oh!

2, salt solution to perspiration method

with sweat clothes, can use density is 10% 30% of the salt solution soak for 10 minutes ( Control the water temperature 30 degrees or so) , and then wash with soap, can remove the perspiration.

3, ginger to perspiration

clothes catch perspiration? Then can prepare a small piece of ginger, then cut the shreds, rub on clothes perspiration, can be repeated several times, finally with clear water can be removed.

4, the vinegar to perspiration

since yellow sweat easily react with acid, the home of white vinegar also is right choice, can be in a small spray bottle first into a little vinegar, then spray on clothes perspiration, wash place later effect is very good.

5, ammonia to perspiration

for yellow sweat clothes, also can use a solution of ammonia with four water into baptism, also can go to perspiration.

6, white gourd to perspiration

clothes with perspiration, recommend a piece of wax gourd into the bag after the pound, to squeeze the juice stand-by; Then have be soiled clothes used to scrub, rinse clean can.

7, borax solution scouring method

after the old yellow perspiration clothes, can use first 3. 5% borax solution washing, or by 3% 5% acetic acid solution after washing, rinse clean can.

8, toothpaste to perspiration

to an abandoned toothbrush, toothpaste, a little amount with a toothbrush gently scrub clothes part perspiration, for lighter perspiration.

9, edible method of baking soda to perspiration

perspiration to appear on the clothing, after about 25 grams of baking soda can be dissolved in 500 grams of hot water, shake thoroughly, and then completely dissolved, with temperature drop to 30 degrees can throw will be soiled clothes soak for about 15 minutes, and then use conventional washing methods.

10 + salt water, soap,

first soaked in 5% salt water wash, and then wash with soap, had better use both hands when catharsis knead, do not use brush or a washboard, otherwise easy to rub off coil.

11, 84 disinfectant

after wash clothes clean, with 84 disinfection vacuole 3 minutes is very white

twelve + orange peel, wash rice water

keep washing rice water or the orange peel into the cooked in the pot with water, the yellow clothes soak the rubbing can easily make clothes back white. Not only simple, also don't like the fluorescent whitening agent selling market can cause side effects to the skin and does not hurt, is the good method that's worth a try. If the trouble or fear of error, you can directly pick one detergent containing orange essential oil.

13 + salt, lemon juice,

a traditional way is to yellow clothes hanging in the hot sun exposure, but before that, the yellow area should be sprayed with fresh lemon juice, then put some salt, gently knead.

14, enzyme detergent

the perspiration, grease belongs to the protein stain on her dress, enzyme detergent enzyme ingredients have the function of the decomposition of protein stain, 40 degrees can use warm water to dissolve enzyme detergent, fully activate the SAN enzyme activity, soaked the clothes after a while, gently knead easy decontamination.

15, spinach, boiled water

to buy a pair of spinach, after scalding hot water spinach pulled aside, leaving only roll soup will have yellow stain into spinach water and knead, soak for 10 minutes, after soaking up clothing, in the normal laundry process completed wash clothes.

16, alcohol

with alcohol to swab be soiled clothes, on water is rinsed clean.

17, hydrogen peroxide,

3% of hydrogen peroxide slightly heated, used to wipe the perspiration heavier white fabric, is fast and uniform, brush after rinse clean.
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