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How to clean T-shirt besmirch _ besmirch cleaning method - white T-shirt Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
T-shirts, become the first choice for the people, wearing comfortable, cool. A lot of people wearing t-shirts in various environments in and out, will inevitably encounter all kinds of stains, so when you met these t-shirts common stains what to do? Then go to look at.

a, remove rust stains:

rust stains on clothing, warm 1% oxalic acid solution after soaking are available, and then rinse clean with water.

also available 15% acetic acid aqueous solution to wipe besmirch, or soak in the solution of contamination part, next reoccupy clear water rinse clean. Also can use 10% citric acid aqueous solution or 10% oxalic acid aqueous solution will corrupt place wetting, then soak in strong brine, next reoccupy clear water wash rinse.

white cotton or cotton blended fabric with rust, preferable a grain of oxalic acid in besmirch place, wet with warm water, knead gently, then rinse clean with water. In operation, in order to prevent corrosion of fabric, oxalate operation action quickly.

fresh lemon juice can also be used on rust stains, rub with the hand, repeated several times, until the rust stains removed after washing liquid washing net profit of with clear water.

2, soy sauce stain removal:

clothing stained with soy sauce stains can use cold water washing, then wash with detergent. Soy sauce contamination long clothes, want to add the right amount of ammonia in washing liquid ( 4 1 adding ammonia washing solution) Washing. Silk, wool fabric can be used 10% citric acid solution washing. Finally with clean water.

3, the sweat be soiled on clothing:

available 25% concentration of aqueous ammonia water washing. Can put clothes in the first 3% concentration of salt water soak for a few minutes and rinse clean with water, then wash with detergent. The sweat be soiled on silk, wool and its blended fabric, citric acid in addition to the available. The final rinse.

to clear the mildew spot, perspiration stains can be first with a soft brush to the surface of the mould, then use alcohol wipe. In old stains, first on the stain with dilute alkali liquor or dilute aqua ammonia, the rubbing of the reentry after instantly. The sweat be soiled on silk, wool and its blended fabric mildew spot, the available solution for such as citric acid, alcohol.
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