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How to clean the skull patch leather shoes - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Shoes on their feet are dirty. Dirty shoes and casual shoes and so on all need, cleaning, washing, so I can see how clean suede leather shoes.

suede leather shoes dirty, if dry brush is indelible. After scrubbing can be swabbed with wet cloth, first in ventilated dry shade. Leather surface seems dry dry, reoccupy bristle brush dips in some suede powder, shoes on the shoe brush, shoe suede will be puffed up. After a blow dry, suede can recover.

to introduce the specific maintenance methods, can try:

material: brush, shoe stretcher, detergents, renovation, sponge, mothballs.


1. In addition to the dust. ( Can use a vacuum cleaner) ( Have recommended with old rub zao towel, I didn't dare to try. )

2. With shoes ChengCheng up first. ( Wooden shoe stretcher can change with shoe)

3. Use special brush to brush. Pay attention to the main processing copper wire surface besmirch the heavier parts and polished by parts. Brush with rubber face first in one direction, seam side. Besmirch place emphasis on looped knead, knead with copper wire.

4. Use damp sponge to wipe again, wet shoes. Purpose is the main treatment of water-soluble substances.

5. Shake well cleaner spray on the surface. With rubber brush brush back and forth repeatedly make fiber on both sides of the stain removal, dirty bubble with wet sponge blot.

6. Air is more than ten minutes, such as hair is a bit dry, and some wet brush with rubber surface in one direction, make hair scattered, finishing.

7. Hanging half an hour, the vamp after dry shoes in newspaper to protect, 15 cm from the shoes uniform spray update agent. Update agent containing light agent, colloid ( To strengthen other material adhesion) , pigment, solvent, Soluble hybrid material) And so on. The main aim of the spray update agent is complementary. Black shoes to wear for a long time to reverse, it is better to update agent ecru.

8. After dry rubber suitable brush again, make the same color.

9. Finally put the desiccant collection.
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