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How to clean white linen tablecloths - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Linen, is composed of flax fibers, the same as used for thousands of years of cotton, is a more durable fabric, and relatively good stain release ability. For these reasons, it is a standard fabric. Linen in the household life can be used for cloth, napkin, eat mat, bedding, sofa cloth and so on. Synthesis of flax blended fabric generally do not need ironing, but once they get stains on relatively stubborn, not easy to clean. If you want to keep the white linens on your home look clean and tidy, learn the right way after is actually very easy.

you need to prepare the material: the enzymes stain, iron, paper towels, detergent, etc.

on the premise of you can, you can do some pretreatment of flax tablecloth material. The stain are relatively easy to handle, can be avoided in white linen tablecloth, grow over time, it is difficult to remove. At the same time, remember to check your whole tablecloths, including hanging in part on the table, some areas will be infected with besmirch, shelter evil people and practices.

pretreatment, can use a knife to gently scrape and stains on the dirt. Then you can use the enzyme detergent, can drop or spray in the dirt. The enzymes for flax fiber products is safe, will only work on food stains. Grease stains, of course, such as lipstick or grease class, you need to use solvent detergent to deal with.

to clear the wax on the white linen, as far as possible will wax away first, put paper towels in the linen, irons, until the wax paper towels absorb iron melting temperature out, until all is clear, then enzyme processing any residual dye stain.

do not use chlorine bleach, it makes flax fiber turn yellow. Don't take you more white linen cloth, and the harsh chemicals, such as ammonia, vinegar, or strongly acidic cleaner contact, these chemical besmirch can destroy the fiber structure.

the washing process

(1) after pretreatment of flax tablecloth besmirch, put in the washing machine with warm water, then add the gentleness of the enzyme detergent, soap powder, for example, let the detergent to dissolve, then white linen soak. Let linens in soapy water for at least eight hours, if you can stay overnight.

2. When you open the machine wash linens, make sure there is plenty of water, because in the process of washing, linen absorbs water. Wash out a short cycle, in order to prevent unnecessary wear white linen tablecloths. To soak overnight, in fact, already started to clean linen, so there's no need to loop on a regular basis. Don't wash with liquid fabric softener.

3. Run an additional rinse cycle, extra circulation, eliminate all soap and stain to remove residues, and helps prevent yellowing and & other Age spot. ”

4. Then check the linens carefully to make sure all stains have been washed clean. If you have any stain, repeat all the steps and wash the tablecloth. Some stains are stubborn, you may need to keep two or three times in the complete clean your linens.

a white tablecloth of drying and storing drying linen cloth, if the weather can, can choose to dry in the sun. A good choice is to split the tablecloth on the towel, before it dries. Don't be overly drying linen, dryer heat makes the moisture to evaporate from the linen, reduce its brittleness and its durability.

if you ironed linens, ironing temperature not too high, spray wet linen in advance. Spray starch can be used for white linen fabric, no yellowing or dyed.

put linens, dry, ventilated and cool place. Because fiber, crease decomposition by hanging or rolling in acid free ZhiDian tablecloth. If you use some long home linens, occasionally to redefine its rolling, let it in the opposite direction, or to put it on a hanger.

clean white linen napkin tips and warning, use the white linen washing and maintenance methods. Stored in a napkin, carefully folded acid free tissue paper, be careful not to put them wrinkle. Because the old tablecloth is generally weak, do not use on the table, too much meet with food residue and beverages. If you do this to old linen cloth to do this, is certainly a big damage. If your flax is a kind of fragile antiques, with soft soap wash it, such as liquid soap. Dry cloth and store in a cool, dry areas with adequate ventilation, prevent mildew.

because of the different types of ink need different kinds of detergent, stick on the printing ink can be extremely difficult to remove. If your table cloth is dirty with ink, consulting professional dry cleaners or specialist, best choose what kind of detergent.
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