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How to cleaning and maintenance of the scarf? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
The scarf can put a washing machine? Wash the scarf? Method of cleaning and maintaining of scarf, or according to the material of scarf, now on the market a lot of kinds of scarf is not in the washing machine wash directly inside, want to wash the scarf, do you want to know the following content.

cotton and linen scarf

linen-cotton clothes had better not use washing machine, cotton and linen texture soft, if use the washing machine mixing, deformation, wrinkle easily.

if there is no time and energy, also can put the clothes in the laundry bag, soft file and then use the washing machine washing.

cashmere scarf

not machine wash: cotton and linen scarf has a slight shrink problem, so don't be machine wash! If your time is limited, really put it into the laundry bag, and then wash in the washing machine is fast.

fur scarf

for fur fiber surface consists of many scales, once a stir in the washing machine wash fur products, can make the fur products felting, destroyed the good performance and affect beautiful fur. Fur is cut, therefore, is not can use the washing machine washing, dry cleaning, best can take down and washed by hand.

method of cleaning and maintaining of scarf

class wool scarf cleaning

1. Don't with other easy to fade as far as possible when washing clothes together, in order to avoid with colors, destroying the scarf.

2. Scarf soak time shoulds not be too long, 5 to 10 minutes, soak in cold water side extrusion, aim to adhere to the dust dirt in the water, clean with neutral detergent in the water is put in the 35 degrees, remember that cannot use hot soap and so on contained too much alkali washing and cleaning the rubbing had too much so as not to cause deformation, if there is no neutral detergent, shampoo can also be used instead.

3. After the cleaning scarf into the glacial acetic acid ( White vinegar) In once, thoroughly remove residual detergents, protect the fiber. After acid cleaning again.

4. Rinse with warm water after put some softening agent, the effect is better.

5. After cleaning out the moisture of wool scarf into a net by washing machine dehydration.

6. After dehydration, according to the size of the original will be scarf flat out in a table with a towel, then hang them do not exposure.

7. Air-dried medium temperature across the towel after ironing.

silk scarves

1. Must be dry-cleaned.

2. Silk fiber friction can't afford to do not spray toward the surface of silk products deodorant, perfume, etc.

polyester scarf

the cleaning method:

in addition to not so hot wash, dry clean, machine wash, wash, no special requirements.

regenerated cellulose scarf

natural cellulose as raw material, Such as: milk fiber is natural fiber) After chemical treatment, for spinning.


good soft luster, good moisture absorption, permeability is good, the dyeing performance is good, Not easy to rub off) 。

maintenance methods:

available to minimize friction, not washed.

wash protect methods:

not washed, dry cleaning.

clean cotton and linen scarf note

easy to wrinkle?

all natural things, anti-wrinkle, but had to admit, casual fold is the temperament of cotton and linen. Said to do method, actually not difficult also, fantasy, where local wrinkling because they hang down feeling is very good, treat water dry clothing will level off ~

white cotton and linen fabric yellowing easily?

yellow cotton and linen clothes, you can try: with a big pot of boiling water, add detergent, immerse clothes, cooking for about thirty minutes, and clean white. Remember, don't in the hot sun exposure. As long as in the wind blow dry after being washed.
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