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How to deal with a cardigan deformation - after washing Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
After washing and dyeing industry, woolen sweater shrink clean, only need to go to pot steamed, and then pull out a crane, can return to the same.

household boiler clean, do not have oil. The sweaters folded into cotton bag, cotton pillowcases or directly with cotton cloth wrapped. Steamed steamer add water to boil, the height of the water level should be distance drawer has a certain distance, and then put cloaked sweater on steam drawer steam for 10 minutes. Sweater out after the strike by hand stretch slowly and all directions are worked out. According to the degree of woolen sweater shrink and stretch into several times, do not force a one-off, avoid damage clothing shape.

if the sweater has been cool, but have not yet reached the ideal length, can be steamed again, continue to stretch, until the clothes back to normal state. Finally with flat iron, dry can.
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