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How to deal with the clothes pilling _ clothes pilling method - handled Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
MAO club ruin your perfect, fashionable clothes, especially dark clothes. Want to learn a few simple methods, can remove the annoying hair bulb, let clothes back was clean, neat form immediately.

1, the hair bulb trimmer

is now commonly used to go to the ball small helper. Belong to small appliances, ditto power can be used. Because of the type of clothes its thickness is different, so the general MAO qiu trimmer there are many different ways to the ball. Feel the trimmer is practical, convenient, and the area is very small, do not pick a place, there is electricity. You can try.

buy online also pretty much, and is not expensive, very practical. But with time or attention to flatten the clothes!

2, tape

is a method of history, buy a kind of wide tape, uncover the adhesive tape wrapped around a circle, then scroll on the clothes. Touch up to play. Feels more health, convenient, and very fast.

stubborn ball ball, can put the tape in that area, fiercely a tear.

3, to electrostatic products

everybody in clean clothes, you can use some laundry products (to electrostatic Fabric softeners) of a class 。 Then go to the ball when dry, should have very good effect.

4, razor

is also a good way to be used for a long time. Paving the clothing first, then use razor shave gently scrape the ball. Well, soon all didn't, need to pay attention to is to planking is then began to shave the ball clothes.

5, the usual maintenance

the clothes pilling is mainly due to friction, so reduce friction will reduce the pilling accordingly. Sleeves and body directly don't move back and forth, back and try not to pack, it will increase the friction of the back, to the ball. Shoulder also try not to boast package, otherwise the piece will obviously have the ball.

love to wear silk stockings girls don't wear socks in bed, and don't stockings to return home on the sofa to play, this two points not, silk stockings almost ten not pilling.

sweater, try to turn it over to wash, can reduce the ball, don't cry because it is directly save trouble in the washing machine.

6, the choose and buy must pay attention to the

choose not easy pilling fabrics clothes is the key to reduce the clothes pilling. When choosing clothes, try to choose cloth of cotton, hemp, this kind of natural fiber, when choosing wool, the choice of fine wool yarn ( Cashmere type) Yarn, mercerized wool, tencel series.
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