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How to deal with the wool fabric fade - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Wool fabric fade? Many other people have the clothes shrink and clothes fade. Sometimes, a do not pay attention to, a brand new dress will be because of problems such as shrink and faded instantly become & other; Scrap & throughout; , in addition to helpless, is a sigh. So do you have any tips, can prevent the clothes shrink and faded? Now the author will introduce several brief and practical method, might as well give it a try.

a fade, wool fabric fulling

reasons: excessive moisture content in the dry cleaning solvents, especially in the washing wool, cashmere, Angola interlock when clothings.

prevention and solution:

1, in the process of scouring, avoid excess water.

2, using high quality dry cleaning agents, to keep moisture in the dry cleaning oil instead of fabric.

3, if possible, or conditions permit, should advance dry wet clothing, remove the natural moisture.

4, if possible, the wool fabric together to clean.

2, chemical fiber fabric shrinkage or brittle

reason: strengthening agent is contained in PVC, or cloth contained polypropylene dissolved in solvent and degeneration.

the solution:

1, should not be dry-cleaned PVC or polypropylene fiber clothing.

2, pay special attention to the clothing label & other; Hybrid fiber & throughout; Clothing, this table may contain polypropylene.

3, should check before dry cleaning with polypropylene ( Polypropylene fiber can float on the surface of the water) 。

4, in the event of contraction brittle cannot be restored.

5, dry cleaning after milling by hot steam, use wool fabric, the drawing processing.

3, curtain fabric shrinkage

reason: relaxation retraction. Because the curtain fabric, such as when the manufacture is in a state of tension, dry cleaning will make its bounce back to its original size.

the solution:

1, remind guests retraction may occur.

2, with tensile make its restore to its original size.

4, acrylic ester, or modified acrylic ester fabric shrinkage

the reason: the drying temperature is too high.

the solution: baking process, ensure the export air temperature not to exceed:

1, 50 ℃ acrylic esters.

2, 40 ℃ modified acrylic esters.
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