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How to deal with washing powder agglomeration

by:Jingliang     2023-05-31
The more important ingredient in the washing powder processing process is the surfactant. Its function is to weaken the adhesion between the stain and the clothes. To achieve the purpose of washing clothes. The laundry detergent produced by the laundry detergent processing agent does not damage the clothes, uses anti-stain redeposition factors, and a multi-layer fiber stain removal system, especially contains a composite surfactant, which has the cleaning power of a cleaning soft brush and can penetrate deep into the fiber layer by layer , Effectively prevent stains from seeping back, make clothes clean and bright, do not damage clothes, and are not easy to fade. Among them, the green phosphorus-free formula meets the requirements of environmental protection and has no alkaline residue. Laundry powder is a laundry product that is often used in daily life. We all know that if the laundry powder is placed in a box or the bag is not sealed tightly or water enters, it will cause the laundry powder to agglomerate. How should we deal with it? Is it a quality problem? According to the workers of the washing powder processing factory, what we need to know is that washing powder is a kind of hollow particle, which is easy to break and cause agglomeration under extrusion. Among them, if the washing powder is said to be agglomerated due to moisture or other reasons, then we need to break it by hand to disperse it. In this case, it is a quality problem. The main reason is that the moisture content is too high. I believe that friends should know why the washing powder is agglomerated, and the cause of the agglomeration can be properly avoided. If you want to know more, you can continue to consult the relevant personnel of the washing powder processing factory.
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