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How to discern the stand or fall of summer clothing fabrics quality - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
How to discern the stand or fall of summer clothing fabric quality?

every clothes often because of the fabric used in different quality is uneven, such as the summer clothing fabrics, have thick needle fabrics, cotton fabrics, etc. , and as an ordinary consumer, we may not be able to use professional eye to discern what is the fabric used clothes. In fact, this does not affect our master a few small skill to judge whether a summer dress fabric is what we want.

for summer clothes, we can directly use hand touch to determine clothes soft enough, can also directly part of lift clothes, to blow, by feeling the wind and the wind to judge its air permeability. In general the coarse needle fabric air permeability is very good. At the same time, the summer clothes sweat absorption is also a key when buying clothes, although not directly test, but we can try with some water, as absorbent cotton clothes is good soon. Through these three tips, generally speaking, we could buy for you summer clothes.
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