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How to distinguish the bamboo fiber towels - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Bamboo fiber towels in bamboo fiber as the raw material, through elaborate design and processing of multiple process, produce a set of health, environmental protection and beautiful in the integration of new towel. Bamboo fiber towel on the market price is uneven, can buy the cheapest a few bucks, your a small square should sell dozens. In fact, the price is not the first, cheap is not bad, there is no need to pick your buy, now let small make up called you a few action selection of bamboo fiber towel tips.

lift under the condition of light to compare good bamboo fiber towel, towel surface from various angles, level off is exquisite, colour and lustre is glittering and translucent and bright circle of MAO, MAO circle evenly aligned orderly ( This is because the bamboo fiber towel is to use one of the world's most advanced woven textile equipment, so just can have such excellent quality) 。

with the hand a touch, soft smooth, With velvet) And elastic. Stick bamboo fiber towel in cheek feel quietly, you will feel she is very like baby's skin delicate, soft, smooth and comfortable, such as silks and satins. Touch your ordinary towel again, bring you is what kind of feeling? Must be have hard feeling, dry, rough. Unique bamboo fiber towel, such as silk like forging effect represents the trend of the development of the industry.

his hands on one side of the bamboo fiber towel two horns lift its impending, gently shake a few times. You will see its good verticality and dynamic, is like a beauty hair, filar silk smooth, smooth and soft. Then shake up common towel, can only feel light floating, difficult to sag. Will hand let go, let the two towels from suspended in free fall on the bed or table, and look at their shape. You'll find a soft heap into a pile of bamboo fiber towel, no & other; Osseous & throughout; 。 Whereas ordinary towel stiffly into a geometric shapes.

from bamboo fiber towel out one or two root yarn silk, with fire lit, carefully observe the combustion phenomena. Quick, thorough, burning bamboo fiber has the smell of burning plant, ashes into gray powder shape, not knot ball. And contain chemical fiber towel, burning excitant odour, ashes into black, and knot ball.

wet bamboo fiber towel, The purpose is to fully activate bamboo fiber molecules) , and then pour soy sauce, cooking oil and so on respectively on the towel, get under the water washing, without any detergent. You will see the amazing phenomenon appears, soy sauce, cooking oil, such as completely washed away by water, bamboo fiber towel still is bright and clean like new. This is because the bamboo fiber with super decontamination oil-repellent, since the qing self-cleaning ability. If you also questioned the decontamination ability of bamboo fiber towel, you can use when clean dishcloth tableware, let it in the oil for a week, to learn more about her magic decontamination effect. And if a common towel, use it to clean tableware, less than a few days, it is absolutely filthy, dirt, extremely difficult to clean and finally there will be moldy, sticky, smelly phenomenon.

will be a bamboo fiber towel and a common towel wet with water, after loading respectively in two plastic bags, on about 30 degrees Celsius environment for a few days. Then open the bag look, smell, you feel? Bamboo fiber towel or as relaxed as new, no peculiar smell. And ordinary towel has mildew, sticky, smell, or even black. Bamboo fiber towels are such singular function completely take on bamboo fiber itself has antibacterial properties. Bamboo never infection diseases and insect pests in the process of growth, it is because it contains antibacterial substances that divide mite & ndash; — Zhu bin. National textile inspection agency has confirmed: germs on the bamboo fiber mortality rate over 73%, this is simply does not have other textile fibers.

will face to drench water, the bamboo fiber towels soaked in water, gently twist after water wipe the face. The water you will feel the face is very easily to dry. At the same time feel relaxed, soft and comfortable. Even if you don't have to facial cleanser, soap and other cleansers, also feel this way. It is entirely determined by the bamboo fiber special structure itself. Is a porous fiber, bamboo fiber cross section was full of greatly small oval pore, can absorb a lot of water in an instant, the absorbent cotton is 1. 5 times.
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