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How to identify true and false leather clothing? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
According to their kinds points common main pigskin leather, cowhide, sheepskin, horse leather, etc. Leather is divided into cow leather and buffalo hide; Sheepskin into goat and sheep skin. According to the points of the first layer, the second and third floors. QiuGe according to its types mainly include the fox QiuGe, goats QiuGe, rabbit hair QiuGe, mink QiuGe etc. , the fox is divided into blue fox, silver fox and red fox; Goats are divided into adult goat and not adult goat, rabbit hair divided into straw colour, beaver rabbit, white rabbit come unstuck, etc. ; Mink are divided into male mink and female mink. The types of leather and QiuGe points a lot of incomplete list here.

the main production of sheepskin, pigskin, cowhide, QiuGe leather clothing, leather and QiuGe is half natural and half processing and become a kind of clothing materials, as domestic tanning process continuously improve, the same kind of bonus can be a lot of different styles of 'leather, so bring consumers to identify the types of skin of difficulty, to identify a good variety of garment leather quality.

now commonly used small make up to introduce you to identify real leather:

1, the feel is

with the hand to touch leather surface such as a smooth, Grain processed into thick skin also) , soft, plump and elastic feelings is the real leather.

2, eye view

the main types and leather on the surface of the grain is used to identify skin good or bad, observe the leather surface is evident in the pores and decorative pattern, and synthetic leather although also wool-like hole, but no BiZhen not clear. The opposite of the other synthetic leather with a layer of textiles as a base plate, the textile base plate is used to increase its tensile strength, and the reverse of the leather is not a layer fabrics, the identification is one of the most simple and practical way.

3, we smell the

good quality leather generally no peculiar smell, all leather leather smell, if have pungent peculiar smell bad may be in the process of leather making process and use some kind of chemical raw materials.

4, lit

the smell of leather when lit with light hair smells the same, after but not knot knot after burning, fingers can knead flour mill; Artificial leather light after a pungent odor, and after burning into a knot.
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