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How to judge whether the fabric after singeing process? The purpose of singeing process and principle Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
How to judge whether the fabric after singeing process?

singeing process is one of the fabric processing important link, under normal circumstances, the fabric during the pretreatment is needed after singeing processing working procedure, but not all products must be treated with singeing, such as in order to reduce the production cost, grinding wool fabric is generally not need after singeing process; In order to prevent the polyester and stretch yarn is not the problem of high temperature resistant to adjust the singeing, according to the product requirement to adopt high temperature rapid singeing, opposite not singeing, positive and negative or singeing process etc.

in the production process, often because of some quality problems need from fabric to judge whether its in the process of production after singeing process, in order to find out the real reason for quality problems.

u judging from cloth finish: after singeing fabric cloth smoothness is better, hairy little, short hair is significantly reduced, cloth nep is less, color full uniform. Without after singeing fabric look into the light can be found to have a small amount of more than 5 mm long fiber, while about 2 mm short fiber, cloth nep is more, the fabric color obviously uneven, can see differences in depth on the cloth.

taken from the edge of the fabric cloth judging uniformity: after singeing fabric the length of the edge residual weft will appear obvious differences, such differences singeing process has a lot to do with the size of the; Without singeing process of fabric selvedge hairiness and uniformity, no obvious uneven length difference.

u judging from the trace of fiber after combustion residue: fabric weft and chemical fiber fabric can through the analysis of the shape of fabric cloth edge weft to determine whether after singeing process. Due to a melting process, chemical fibers, the existing after singeing process of fabric will see in weft fabric edge organization residual chemical fiber fused traces. Under normal circumstances, the naked eye can be observed that touch has the ball and tingling, under the microscope can clearly see the fused traces.

the purpose and principle of singeing

a short nap after burn, outside yarn fabric will become bright and clean, smooth, this not only improved the quality of fabric, but also can improve the stain resistance of fabric, singeing reduces the degree of fabric pilling, is one of the indispensable to pretreatment process. By experiment indicated: the fabric singeing effect to influence the dyeing quality, and singeing flowers will be clearly shown in the dyeing process, therefore, in the singeing process for fabric uniform of singeing process is vital.

1, singeing: the purpose of the fiber in the process of spinning, weaving and doubling by friction, there will be a lot of short and loose fibre dew on the surface of the yarn, it stands a layer of short fiber in the fabric surface. This layer of fluff affects not only the fabric finish, in the process of production is also easy to be stained with dust, and also can cause all kinds of fault in the printing and dyeing processing. Therefore, besides some special varieties, generally cotton fabrics are treated with singeing.

2, the principle of singeing, singeing in open width form is to make the fabric quickly by the flame of singeing machine or grazed red-hot metal surface, to remove the fabric on the surface of the villi, bright and clean surface processing. Hairs on cloth because it is close to the flame and osteoporosis, so will soon heat up burning. And fabric itself more closely, thick, and far away from the flame, heating up slowly, when the temperature reached its ignition had already left the flame or red hot metal surface, as a result, by using the principle of cloth body unlike villi heating rate, can only burn to fabric surface villus, not damage the fabric.
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