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How to keep clothes clean bright bright _ keep clothes clean skills - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
What protects the clothes skills? About clothes to keep bright and clean bright

1, not only clean will hand

my clothes are clean, but the protection of the hand is also very important. Fashionable and elegant city beauty, both in work and life presents the most beautiful side. In addition to the beautiful shape, as a second face on the women's hands is a part of every fashionable woman the most precious.

with the washing technology is more and more advanced, you can choose to use with & other; It does not hurt the hand & throughout; The formula of the laundry detergent. But must choose trustworthy brand, with mild nature, high quality, even washing directly close-fitting underwear, also can be at ease use.

2, how to make clothes & other; Net & throughout; Show ecru

a lot of laundry detergent in the market now possess the function of color protection, and maintain clothing softness.

clothes fade is also a very troublesome thing. Some white or light color clothes for a long time is easy yellowing. Actually cause yellowing white or light-colored clothes is the main reason of the human body oil, especially for polyester fabric clothing, more yellow. Another is with washing chemical residues, if there is no is rinsed clean, also can make large areas of yellow clothes.

3, how to eliminate the stubborn stains

these drinks such as tea, coffee contaminated clothing, available glycerin and egg yolk mixture solution is wiped, slightly dry with clean water. Or coated with glycerol in stain place, then sprinkle a few grains of borax, with boiled water baptism, then can be removed. If got a lipstick mark, can brush gently with a small brush dipped in gasoline first, to clean oil, then wash with warm detergent solution.

with the continuous development of modern society, washing industry technology innovation, some strong decontamination ability of washing products are flocking to the market gradually, eliminate daily obstinate stains nature.
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