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How to maintain fur clothing integrated - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Characteristics ( Advantages and disadvantages)


1, soft and comfortable, moisture absorption is strong. Moisture can be taken out quickly via the pores of the skin plate, therefore can resist mildew

2, warmth retention property is very strong. 1 is a down jacket to keep warm effect. 5 - 2 x

3, will not get damp. Fur inside one of the shoes have been in a dry state

4, anti-wrinkle. Impreaaion nip over and over again without any fold mark

5, the health care.

weakness: the price is quite expensive

how to identify the

fur which has the advantage of animal skin and hair full out from animals by certain means, so the animal hair follicle is also on the pedal, now many online in the businesses of fur one slogan is too much, make the customer being fooled, must choose normal businesses.

you can pull the wool, will look to pull off, pulled out a small pores, should appear on the fur plate but the fake hair pull is a cloud, not the with root trenchant root, then check the color of the fur length, such as a sheep that sheep can't be the area around the length of each color is the same, so it can also identify.

maintenance care

how attentive caress the expensive fur one, proliferation, fur also has the professional maintenance method, will bring more convenient to wear fur coat integrated at the same time, the longer takes care of the fur coat.

please don't in the rain wearing fur clothing.

if your fur clothing is wet, please hang the clothes dry naturally in the ventilation of the room. Don't use any dryer dry clothes.

fur clothing integrative not washed, also cannot use the dry cleaners or sent to the dry cleaners, you can put the clothes to the fur of professional cleaning store cleaning.

please be careful when you use perfume, or makeup pay attention to protect your fur clothing.

pack up at the time when you need to change garments according to the fur clothing, please use cotton dust cover hang up, make sure don't squeeze the clothes on the shoulder.

if the fur clothing integrated slight fold, you can use the pad iron, covered with a layer of polyester fabrics after ironing. Only with dry function of iron can be used to pressing fur clothing, please with professional help.

please directly to the store to get professional help.

suede leather feature is fur on the surface of the clip in the raw material production process, occurring in the process of suede leather can absorb the dust, that appear in the final garment. This is why we must use the brush cleaning the hair side, at the same time it also can increase the fur of use fixed number of year.
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