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How to make fur clothing maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Fur clothing is a symbol of a noble, in the northeast, is also one of the female's dowry, visible, fur clothing has become today's all levels of the ideal of beauty lady loves fashion. There are many types of fur, basically have: sable, mink, leopard, otter, lynx, badger skin, fur, rabbit skin, etc. Our country's production of fur clothing has a long history, high quality, enjoys a good reputation in the market both at home and abroad. Due to the fur purchase price is quite expensive, nature is the most important maintenance work, here small make up to introduce the techniques about fur maintenance, etc.

a, fur clothing inventory maintenance

to prolong the service life of expensive fur clothing, should grasp reasonable maintenance and collection of knowledge. Display and display fur clothing be very careful, don't give dirty, once on the dirty mark stains mark, usable cotton ball dipped in alcohol wiped gently. About a week or so, best first on the outdoor air basks in half an hour, and then gently pat or smooth with a rattan bamboo shoot out of the dust of clothes or floating hair, hang with hangers for wear, such as placing wardrobe, don't squeeze, lest affect beautiful fur.

sable valuable fur clothing, such as surface because its fur is usually through polishing processing, not in the sun exposure over a long period of time, otherwise, can make the fur lose luster, serious even can make yellow fur, crisp, appropriate is put in ventilated the shade blow. Dyed fur clothing or light color fur clothing in the sun, it's better to put a piece of cloth cover, so that can protect the colour and lustre of fur. Fur clothing collection mainly moistureproof and moth-proofing. The blowing or burned in the fur garment face to turn in the past, make maofeng tea took, and then put the wrapped with gauze camphor ball placed in the pocket of the fur garment or maofeng tea inside, then the whole piece of clothing with a cloth, in case of be affected with damp be affected with damp, thus can put camphorwood box.

2, don't get wet in the rain put snow

in the process of transportation and replenish onr's stock, it is important to note that don't let fur caught in rain and snow and fur clothing in the rain put shoveling, can make the pedal hard and hair removal, and reduce the heat preservation performance after a while, one thousand in the snow and rain, to timely with absorbent cloth or gauze wipe dry, air is basked in.

3, often clean the

generally in the store, the best combing twice a week, available crude wooden comb or hair soft brush teeth, comb brush on the surface of the hair, keep fur clothing often wear often new.

4, the collection keep

should cherish when wearing, protect hair, prevent friction, piercing. Don't want to be in moderate sunlight when air is basked in two or three times to collect best jiao cheng fang in the box, put four or five grain of camphor ball anticorrosive insect repellent, avoid by all means in the damp, mildew eat by moth. Such as selling fur surface greasy dirt, should be timely send cleaners and dyers clean, in case the bug eat by moth.
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