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How to make soft mercerized wool - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
How to make soft mercerized wool? Because it is well known that the wool fiber surface scales, Chinese shine its light is diffuse, give the feeling of the human eye is soft luster. The effect of the mercerized wool pursuit of strong light reflection. So on finishing process is the main means for the depth of the chlorinated wool fiber surface, the scales of denudation or flake edge corrosion, namely the edge overhang work-pieces. The former strong luster some, of course, the latter luster less two fiber surface concave and convex gap is smaller, diffuse reflection is weaker, the more concentrated reflection.

after using rare earth dyeing wool luster increases because the wool on the edge of the passivation effect on rare earths, the convex part to sleek, sharp will bump gap to reduce in the direction of change, to increase and improve the concentrated reflection of light trend luster. This is in conformity with the basic principle of optics. Should be clear that the rare earth's contribution to the increase luster far less chlorination. In principle, wool is using chlorination mercerizing burnish a sorting method is obviously enhanced. In finishing process to do this we must is the use of high doses of chlorinating agent. For both two aspects of the depth of chloride and accidental injury of wool fiber, currently USES continuous preshrunk galley equipment, in order to meet these requirements at the industrial production level, especially the fine wool. Do 48 - coarse hair line 52, coarse wool spun into thread in a Hank dyeing machine can also be carried out the process, main is a coarse wool fiber, and the third spun shag line, to a certain extent, can withstand the accidental damage, does not affect the subsequent use. Therefore, reducing for wool textile finishing is subject to certain constraints, in general, batch processing, especially the galley or dyed hair is difficult to guarantee uniformity of processing. When it's a small gap between chlorination hours, chlorination when its strong inhomogeneity is more outstanding, also lack offset method. Wool after depth chloride as sichuan, although scales erosion or flat, but the feel is very rough, with the wool fiber is free of grease.
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