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How to position industrial laundry detergent and household laundry detergent?

by:Jingliang     2022-11-27
How to position industrial washing powder and household washing powder in the sales market? We all know the trust of washing powder. It is an organic chemical traditional Chinese medicine preparation for washing sheets in daily life. Washing powder is further obtained from compounds, weakly alkaline, and further washing powder is divided into two types, one is industrial There is also a household laundry detergent. Let me introduce to you what are the differences between industrial washing powder and household washing powder? In some cases, our clothes are definitely less stained and easier to wash and clean. The industrial washing powder is mainly used in high hotel restaurants, express hotels, laundry factories, hospital clinics, etc. These more difficult to wash tablecloths, tablecloths, mouth towels, seat covers, clothes stained by drugs or blood stains should be cleaned properly. Cotton towels, towels, nightgowns, customer clothing and other linens that require higher standards and comfort levels. Why is the decontamination ability of industrial washing powder strong? Because it has a higher proportion of specific substances than household laundry detergent, it has a variety of surfactants, and the composition is much higher than that of household laundry detergent. In addition, industrial laundry detergents have different recipes for different types of linen and stains, and they are more purposeful. There are also some differences between the washing process and the temperature of the tap water when washing linen with household washing powder and industrial washing powder. Some of the clothes at home are washed with cold water, most likely with a fully automatic washing machine, or with manual hand washing. The above is the difference between industrial washing powder and household washing powder. I look forward to helping everyone.
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