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How to prevent the cloth fade? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
How to prevent the cloth fade? Cloth has a very wide range of USES, in our life plays an indispensable role. The color of the cloth with rich simple sense, colorful, people can a cloth to make all sorts of things to decorate our life, add a spice to our life and warmth. Those who use all kinds of art woven cloth is lurking many traditional cultural information.

the summer clothes fade prevention tips:

1, the drying method. Your clothes to dry clothes, in turn, garment in chaoyang, the table shadow.

2, and the method of additive. Synthetic washing clothes, want to add some salt in the water; Wash the advanced material can add a small amount of alum in water, which can avoid or reduce the clothes fade.

3, pickling process. Colored cloth washing clothes, add 1 - to the detergent 2 tablespoons vinegar, also can prevent the clothes fade.
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