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How to properly clean USES shoes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Grinding this kind of material of leather shoes, believe everybody is no stranger to it, no matter what the material of leather shoes, in our daily life, isn't it on the correct cleaning and maintenance?

USES shoes clean method before we know a lot more still to learn about what is USES:

USES is leather through leather machine grinding surface after sand pile, after making shoes wear more breathable, quiet. USES is one of the various kinds of shoes materials more delicate, if we don't pay attention to in daily life cleaning and maintenance of USES: shoes, shoes wear caused by wear, will slowly fall off on the surface of the fiber, leather become bare, and the coarse grinding not harmonious contrast, near the affect is also very beautiful.

how to clean the shoes USES:

1, when clean grinding shoes can use soft brush gently wipe besmirch, pay attention to the same direction along the brush, can make the texture smooth, but avoid by all means to clean oil. 1 in 2 copies of detergent, vinegar, 50 water ( Temperature 30 ~ 40 ℃) With a cleaning fluid, with shoe brush dips in the solution and carefully wash wipe the surface of the leather shoes.

2, clean the note don't immersed in the solution to shoes, and try not to let too many shoes dip in solution. When clean the leather surface basic, then wash with clean water to wipe the surface 1 ~ 2 times, and put shoes in a cool and drafty place hang to dry.

3, refueling leather fatliquoring agent with the brush or emulsified oil average on clean air to dry matte, dosage is about 100 grams per pair of shoes. Besmear brushs process should pay attention to make oil penetrates skin.

4, placed after 30 minutes, with 35 ℃ water brush to oil slick on the surface of the shoes, and put shoes in a cool and drafty place dry. When when the suede leather shoes dry after appearing, brush with a wire brush or sandpaper grinding surface, make the hair, then brush with wool. Through the above procedures, suede leather shoes will like the new shoes.

5, USES: shoes, not with the general brush to wipe, it leads to wool and leather, must use special brush fur single direction to wipe, do not brush back and forth. Color need special spray fur, interval vamp spray mop around 20 cm, shoes head and root for dropping easily, a lot of spray a few times, after being dry, with a special brush wipe again either.

USES shoes the daily maintenance of an outlet store is very important. Storing out-of-season shoes to cleaning and maintenance in the first place, air-dried in shoes lumen tamponade after brace or clean soft material such as paper, cloth, etc.
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