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How to properly maintain double-sided velvet coat - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
So if there are no conditions often dry cleaning can according to this method to clean up: will double coat flat out on the table, preparing a thicker towel, put clean water soak twist towel to dry, on the double coat. Or fine rod elastic flap with the hand, make the dirt inside the double coat is sucked on the towel, then wash towels, so repeated several times. Such as double coat have crease, but suitable wool ironed, finally hang to dry in ventilated place.

a, about double the attention of washing:

1. Not alkali resistance, should choose neutral detergent, had better use special wool detergent.

2. Soak in cold water for short periods of time, washing temperature no more than 40 degrees.

3. The squeeze washing, avoid twist wring, extrusion in addition to water, split the air-dried or binary suspension order, not exposure.

4. Wet plastic or plastic, when half work can except wrinkles.

5. Don't use machine wash pulsator washing machine, suggest to use platen washing machine, should choose to wipe.

6. High-grade wool or wool and all other fibre blended clothing, suggested that the dry cleaning.

7. Avoid by all means use rub garment board the rubbing.

2, maintenance:

(1) always clean up the dust on the clothing:

woolen cloth clothing after being worn, touch dirt easily, best removed as soon as possible. Once fell on hard to remove dust, can not use a brush. The market has a clear wool clothing special roller, remove dust such excellent results.

2. Remove the fold:

woolen cloth clothing give enough moisture, leveling the drape of clothing. Can switch to a state of low temperature steam electric iron, from 1 ~ 2 cm for ironing wool coat; Also can be white towel in the laundry ironing again, such both neither can hurt fiber fabric fiber, also won't traces of iron.

3. Keep dry and insect-resistant eat by moth:

through the clothing, may have body perspiration absorption, should be in ventilated good place order first, and then away. If is in the cupboard, it is suggested that put some desiccant, to keep them dry.
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