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How to properly use glass water in a car?

by:Jingliang     2023-09-17
The cleanliness of car glass is very important, because too dirty glass can affect the driver's vision. Many drivers will buy glass water, which will make the glass cleaner. However, many drivers have not really learned how to use glass water reasonably. Improper use may not achieve the cleaning effect or even damage the car. Let's talk about how to use glass water correctly. The function of glass water The main function of glass water is to clean the glass. Different types of glass water have the functions of anti-freezing, anti-fog, anti-static and anti-corrosion. So don't look at this little glass of water, it has many functions. Of course, glass water is a chemical product, which is toxic and harmful. Be careful when using it, don't swallow it by mistake. There are three common types of glass water on the market: the first one is dedicated to summer. In addition to common cleaning liquids, this glass water is also added with shellac, which can effectively remove the dead bodies of flying insects that hit the windshield; the second is the antifreeze glass water type used when the weather is cold in winter. If the outside temperature is too low, the glass water may freeze. This antifreeze glass water type will not freeze at about minus 20 degrees, and will not freeze car facilities. There is also a special antifreeze type that does not freeze even at minus 40 degrees. It is generally only used in the arctic regions of northern my country. Matters needing attention First of all, different car wiper systems have different requirements for the concentration of glass water. The glass water on the market generally has a good concentration. If there is a concentration suitable for your car, you can add it directly. If you don't have the right concentration, you'll have to adjust it yourself. You can choose high-concentration glass water or glass water effervescent tablets to dilute and blend to obtain a suitable concentration. See operating instructions. Then, you'll want to pay attention to your car's water glass capacity to avoid the hassle of matching it several times at a time. Also, when adding glass water, it is best not to fill it all at once, nor to add too little to prevent the glass water from overflowing. The second is the kind of glass water that is added, and what type of glass water is used in what season is also very important. If the weather is hot and you don't need antifreeze glass water, you can choose glass water with stronger cleaning ability, and pay attention to the cleanliness of the glass. If there are too many mosquitoes in summer, and there are often dead bodies of flying insects on the glass, you can choose glass water and shellac, and the effect is also very good. Finally, don't change the glass water brand frequently. Different brands have different glass water ingredients. If the glass water brand is changed frequently, it is possible that the remaining glass water will react with the new glass water, affecting the effect of the glass water. Conclusion: Many people have the habit of replacing glass water with tap water, but glass water does more than just clean glass, it can also play a lot of different roles. Tap water can only wash ordinary dust, and the effect is unparalleled. This is the correct way to use glass water. Learn now.
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