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How to repair the leather? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Actually for leather damage, mainly divided into two different categories, the first category is the leakage of breach damage, the second category is smooth grinding, for exposed breach damage, relatively light surface abrasion loss will be bigger, generally such damage is mainly caused by some weapon.

as a result, when appear this kind of injury, you will need to choose a piece of thin, and very soft leather, then USES the fine abrasive cloth for grinding, before this need all that part of the damage of wool to smooth, and then to the improvement of the details. How many ways are there to leather patch? For exposed smooth wear loss is relatively small, mainly are often affected by friction parts, such as collar or sleeves, on these parts only need some color paste or patching agent with high quality.

in general, the collar and cuffs are most likely to break, and so on leather repair, you can directly in the place where the abrasion is more serious to processed with the same color of the brush, although such a method take temporary solution not effect a permanent cure, but it is very practical and has a high efficiency.

actually for leather patch method are many, either through special channels or through a few tips for life, every kind of method can only have a certain effect.

daily maintenance is very important, don't wait to wear to maintenance.
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