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How to thin down jacket - cleaning Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Ultra-light down jacket is a down jacket in recent years the rise of new varieties, due to its light weight, soft, novel style, easy to receive, so favored by many consumers. A down jacket brand also took off the heavy image, take the light route, but thin coats to keep warm? Light wash down jacket? Many people have such doubt.

thin down jacket warm?

A lightweight down jacket downcontent is less, so compared with ordinary down jacket is not so warm. Ultra-light down jacket has the advantages of thin soft, novel styles, but because of the relatively few RongLiang filling, its thermal performance is suitable for winter or warm wear, not suitable for the cold winter season, especially in the north.

a, down jacket to keep warm principle

clothing national standards have been established in our country, in the standard of downcontent, down jacket and so on the sufficient RongLiang elaborates the concept, and set down jacket downcontent must achieve 50% above. Feather downcontent, cloth with soft nap of content, volume, cleanliness, oxygen consumption, and the test of odour is down at the core of the project quality evaluation, downcontent how much influence the warmth retention property of down and feather garments.

the difference between two, downcontent and filling RongLiang

fill RongLiang popular point said, is the total weight of feather and fluffy, with & other; G for the unit & throughout; ; While downcontent is down in filling RongLiang proportion. A rechargeable RongLiang, for example, 100 grams of down jacket, at 90%, its downcontent is very high, so is a sign of feather downcontent down 90%, while 10% for wool cloth with soft nap, or feathers.

3, light wash down jacket?

ultra-light down jacket is actually at the end of the day down jacket, so light thin coats of washing and cleaning of ordinary down jacket is the same. Experience in

a: must be washed by hand

in the down jacket inside, have a seam with maintenance and washing instructions labels, careful people will find that 90% of the down jacket to hand washing, dry cleaning of avoid by all means, because the dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, also can make cloth ageing. Machine wash and dry, screwed down jacket, easily lead to uneven filling, make clothing contorts, affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

experience. 2: rinse water temperature 30 degrees

first put down jacket in a soak in cold water for 20 minutes, let down jacket inside and outside the full moist. The detergent into 30 degrees in warm water, then put down jacket in the soaking a quarter of an hour, and then gently scrub with a soft brush. Rinse with warm water, can be conducive to detergent fully dissolved in water, rinse the cleaner can make the down jacket.

experience three: using too much detergent concentration

if must wash down jacket with washing powder, usually two basin into 4 to 5 TBSP water washing powder advisable, if the concentration is too high, difficult to rinse clean, feather in the residue of washing powder, can affect the volume of feather, greatly reduce the warmth retention property.

experience four: it is best to use neutral detergent

neutral detergent for cloth and down minimum damage, alkaline detergents, if you don't net rinse, residual detergents can cause damage to the down jacket, and easy to leave white marks in the surface of clothes, affect beautiful. Remove residual alkaline detergent, can be in after rinse twice, in warm water to join the two small spoon vinegar, will immerse down jacket for a while then rinse, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent.

experience five: can't twist dry

wash down jacket, cannot twist dry, should be the moisture extrusion, and tile or hang to dry, prohibit exposure, don't be ironed, so as not to burn clothing. After dry, can gently, make down jacket fluffy soft recovery.
why can't use washing machine wash, dry down jacket?

down jacket when dry will produce a large amount of gas can't eduction, can appear when over the limit similar & other; The explosion & throughout; Dangerous phenomenon, easily happened, so there are some washing machine on the instructions clearly specify the cannot wash down jacket.

in addition, due to wet down jacket water content is very big, and some of the outer part of the down jacket is with coating, waterproof function, therefore, water is not easy to sling out, down jacket will become more heavy. If put wide in dry barrels, vulnerable to dry barrels cocked his rotation, thereby washing machine case shell crack.

4, down jacket, the best cleaning method

1, if you don't too dirty down jacket, dry cleaning method can be adopted. Dip in with towel gasoline in the neckline, cuffs, the place such as the front wiping gently, oil removal after wiping with a dry towel with gasoline, wearing after stay clean gasoline volatilization.

2, if down jacket is too dirty, only the whole washing method is adopted. Put down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes. In 2 TBSP about detergent into the water temperature is 20 & ndash; 30 ℃ water, stir evenly, then take it out from the water and squeeze to water down jacket, soak 5 & ndash; For 10 minutes.

3, put rinse down jacket of waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall in the net, in order to avoid too much water down, the weight is too big, deformation when dry. To no drop of water, take the clothes out on the ventilated place dry, not insolate or baking. When will be dry, usable hand or sticks, gently down to restore natural fluffy state.

the last for down jacket, with washing machine also may damage the clothes itself, because the machine wash and dry down jacket has been stirring, easily lead to uneven filling, make clothing contorts, affect beautiful and warmth, wash down jacket, it is better to hand washing.
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