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How to tie washing and maintenance - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Tie is made of delicate fabrics ( Such as silk, etc. ) Made, if the ink, coffee, or juice stained tie, the stain is hard to clean out, there is a lot of them permanently on a tie. Even those stains can be washed and clean process also will damage the tie, affect its appearance, it is particularly evident in silk tie. So in the beginning you should be careful to protect tie, avoid ties such as SAP has been spotted.

tie cleaning and maintenance:

1, the silk tie after use shall generally be hanging inside ark, ventilation, prevent crushed; Must be dry and cold pressing.

2, polyester silk tie available neutral detergent washing, hanging drip dry, opposite ironed, do not stir.

3, if unfortunately ties have been spotted, you can use a paper towel or handkerchief press on the stain, the juice. Remember not to wipe the stains, because it will expand the scope of stains.

4, washing tie, goes on smooth board, brush, brush when catharsis floated slightly one can wash clean.

5, slight stains just dip in with cotton wool alcohol in besmirch place down the fabric of silking wiped gently, without washing.

if 6, tie too dirty, with more than 120 dry cleaning solvent gasoline.

7, washing in the tie before you put a layer of the same shape of cardboard, then gush water, washing detergent with brush gently brush away dirt, more comprehensive and rapid scrub, rinse immediately with water.

8, ties should not be in the sunlight, otherwise it will cause silk yellowing, affect beautiful.

9, tie long-term need not, deposit before the best ironing it once, to achieve the purpose of insecticidal sterilization, storage of tie to keep dry.

10 will tie, cleaned, remember to dry cleaning shop assistant is pointed out that the position of stains, this ensures that the clerk knew of stains, dry cleaning when they can make appropriate treatment.
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