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How to use the laundry? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
1. Usage:

if simply to perspiration, dust, clothes and laundry tablets can be a piece of bubble water 15 20 minutes, start can be washed by hand or machine wash. If the stain neckline cuffs are heavier, can be used with the pre cleaning spray, to pre-treat spray dry spray on clothes, pay attention to the clothes don't bubble water. Placed 10 - For 20 minutes. Then washing and laundry sheet tore into small strips, put in the place of besmirch, flooding bubble to rub a rub for the cause,' Rub method of peace with soap as 】 Then add water, flooded clothes bubble slightly, can machine wash or hand wash.

2, usage:

one laundry is about 3 kg washing, according to the proportion, according to how many tear any laundry to wash the clothes.

laundry is instead of the other washing supplies supplies, can be used alone, because do not contain fluorescent agent, so is not immediately see the whitening effect; Often used with suction shade will find clothing is more and more bright, smooth, because the clothing above fluorescent whitening agent gradually be pigment adsorption. Please use the dear friends, patience, ease of use.
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