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How to wash brushed fabric to avoid shrinkage harden? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
Velour flannelette sweaters, scarves, squares, collar, bonnet, etc. , quality of a material in the majority with acrylic products, pure wool. Acrylic is characteristic of the electrostatic dust collection, fluff accumulation grime. Such as improper washing, flannelette clothes easy contraction deformation harden and loss of elasticity, more is to make the villi lodging, soft and fluffy.

flannelette fabric washing method is:

1. Use neutral detergent or soap, made stir in hot water, use cold water against the 30 degrees or so.

2. First put the clothes with clear water seepage, again into the liquid detergent fuck rub and to move up and down repeatedly, make wool clothes again with clean water, then squeeze to moisture, do not twist wring.

3. Best placed flat when dry, and from top to bottom with the hand fondle a fondle, make preliminary fushun villi.

4. Stay dry to seventy percent when brush with a soft brush wool cloth with soft nap, shun qi, and then use hangers we hang to dry.

5. Not only soft and fluffy like new, and garment shape remains unchanged, if there is no time to shun hair washing is completely dry, can be put on steam smoked, while brushing immediately, also can shun qi fluff.

flannelette scarf is dirty, how to do?

can soak in cold water first, and then into the warm water, knead gently wash, add detergent diameter and at the same temperature of clean water rinse several times, finally put a little vinegar in cold water, soak a minute or so, with his hand out of use dry or hand gently twist dry, dry in the shade, dry with a soft brush brush gently down the plush, and after such due to pile in the soft hair, peng, luster.
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