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How to wash clothes - loaf of bread Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Bread served can use washing machine? Under normal circumstances, the bread served suggest that hand washing, because the machine is easy to make bread served filler gauge, clothing contorts, drill, even affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

bread served over the past few years are very popular in the winter, not only special heat preservation, but also particularly lovely, wearing also is very good match. Bread below small make up to tell you about how to clean? Bread clothes can be washed by hand?

bread served can use washing machine?

in general, bread served suggest washed by hand, because of the machine is easy to make bread served filler gauge, clothing contorts, drill, even affect beautiful and warmth; May also make some bread served a sparkling containing coating or coating falls off phenomenon. For machine wash, appropriate chooses platen washing machine cotton-padded jacket, if use the open pulsator washing machine, bread will float above; difficult to obtain effective washing, and the fabric is easy to scratch. Machine wash before, should first will minister bread, make the fabric took, material outwards.

bread served how to select the

1, give full consideration to the climate in the place of their own residence, as well as their usual habit of dressing. If you lived in a long dark winter, light color of bread service can bring you the joyful mood, help you through this section of the gloomy winter. However, if the sunshine, then dark bread can be.

2, bread warm degree is also must consider the factors, a lot of bread served different texture, warm degree also has a corresponding different levels and grades. Bread crossing buttock suits, coats and knee length, may be even more warm than thin and short. Similarly, long warm bread clothing can protect your knees, and the most suitable for this cold season, match fashion cowboy, could easily create warm and fashionable style.

3, decided to buy a new bread before, need to determine what type of bread to buy clothes. If work in the office, then take should look professional and bread. If in outdoor wear, a bit thick skin bread is a better choice.

store bread served notice

1. In down bread don't wear clothing in front of the store carefully with soap or detergent to wash once, can't just feel again in clean water.

2. After washing the bread served to fully dried in the sun, in order to achieve the purpose of sterilization. Sun, bread served tails out, lest fade.

3. In advance will be ready to take the cabinet or box used to store bread crisp, dry, had better be a cloth to wipe it again, then get the sun a sun, to prevent a small eggs left in it. And clean with a clean paper or don't wear old clothes lay on the ground floor.

4. Camphor ball with paper into a small ball, suit pocket on the bread. If bread is just back from the sun, must be put to the cool, or camphor ball will soon melt, bread is easily damaged.
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