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How to wash clothes? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
But everyone will wash clothes, wash sportswear is not necessarily every runner can do exactly right. Do you know what wash before running clothes to see? Whatever kind of detergent can wash running clothes? The dryer and softening agent can be used? The following five errors is often made when runners to wash clothes.

a, do not check clothes tag

running clothing label is small, but it has many of the key information, so the first step is to check the label before washing. Label indicating the material of clothes, and wash their clothes, such as can't use hot water to wash, can't use bleach, etc. Clean expert and author Melissa & middot; Merkel said: & other; As some high-strength fabric wasn't hot water washing, otherwise it will damage the nylon or latex fibres. Warm water is best, once the water temperature is gao will damage the clothes. ”

2, piled up 3 days to wash the

are be soiled clothes piled up together, it is easy to breed bacteria, and a pungent stench. The real culprit is carried in a sweat moisture, it will promote microbial breeding, clothes pile up, the longer the stench. Therefore, often running runner, must form the good habit of frequently wash clothes, don't let the sweat damage, the key is adverse to the body.

3, do not use special detergent

because running clothes are often sweat soaking, some parts such as the armpits, time is long is very difficult to clean, so now in the market have special detergent for cleaning sportswear. The detergent for cleaning of sport is very helpful, can quickly remove sweat and stains, prevent bacteria and mold growth, etc.

special such as long distance runners, trail running, every time after the training clothes will be soaked, if every time cleaning not clean, over time, the clothes will be gradually damaged, lost its value. Not, use the detergent also cannot too much, otherwise it will leave some residue on clothes, led to the breeding of bacteria and mold.

four dryers, use the

in the clothes dryer dehydration after use, remove the moisture. Although it can quickly let the clothes dry, but for some material of clothes dryer damage of fiber, and lead to clothes shrink. Particularly like sports bra, tight pants, such as clothing, dry the opportunity for them to lose flexibility.

in addition, if there is residue on clothes, the temperature of the dryer to produce will provide a good environment for bacterial growth, the taste is just like clothes haven't washed.

5, fabric softener,

if it is a towel or bed sheet fabric softener, can make they become soft, fluffy, no static, but it should not be used for washing clothes. Because sportswear need to breathe freely, absorb sweat, and softening agent would have side effects.
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