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How to wash embroidered shirt? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Embroidered shirt embroidered, of course, is to decorate, but shirt above there is a difference between embroidery and other embroidered clothing. Most general embroidery will be very easy to rub off, such as embroidery quilt cover, traditional drama clothing, embroidered bed nets, etc. This kind of embroidery clothing washing frequency is generally low, and even a long time to wash again.

but the shirt is often need to wash clothes, cannot because embroidered flowers without washing. So the shirt embroidery thread and embroidery thread, generally use high yarn count mercerized cotton, use most of our dye VAT dye. So, formal shirt embroidered it is washable. But because the embroidery thread is floating on the surface, so most of the embroidery part wear resistance is bad. When using the washing machine washing must pay attention to protect.

especially not suitable for using washing brush wash. Although the shirt embroidered line is generally not easy to rub off, but unfavorable also use alkaline detergent and higher temperature, more can't soak for a long time or stacked on the side.
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