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How to wash jeans don't rub off 10 tips to hold colours as cowboy Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Every time cleaning for jeans pants and color has a lot of damage, especially when using improper cleaning method, jeans are more likely to deformation and discoloration. So, how to wash jeans won't rub off? Take a look at below talent wash jeans tips.

1, use saline soak new jeans is the best method of color preserving

new jeans to must use saline soak first two hours, this can greatly prevent pair of jeans faded. If after wash and rub off phenomenon, you can continue to use light saline soak for 10 minutes after cleaning.

2, reducing frequency of cleaning is very important to prevent discoloration

jeans don't frequent cleaning, like many in order to keep the jeans itself lovers of jeans pants and colour and lustre are only a few years not to wash jeans or wash well. Of course, in general, or suggest a bath once a month or so is better, in general the number of cleaning is less, the more able to keep the colour of the jeans itself.

3, small stain suggested that only with the brush cleaning besmirch part

the jeans washing for jeans pants and colour damage is very big, small area besmirch can be soaked in water will be dirty place, apply a small amount of laundry detergent, again with both hands and gently rub off the stains or with a small brush clean, after washing, hang to dry in ventilated place.

4, the whole article when cleaning with white vinegar soak first

if the stain too dean or wearing time, need the whole cleaning, suggest to use two tablespoons of white vinegar water soaking jeans for half an hour, to prevent the jeans rub off too much, also can make jeans more soft, more bright-coloured colour and lustre.

5, washed by hand is better than machine wash

conditions allow, do not use machine wash, hand washing is more advantageous to keep the pants and drape design, at the same time, both hands to control there would be no damage to jeans too.

if you must use machine wash, remember to separate from the other clothes, and the zipper, so as to avoid deformation.

6, turn it over to wash, turn it over to dehydration, turn it over to dry

will turn it over jeans washing can reduce the fade, dehydration and want to turn it over, and the drying time is too long.

7, clean with detergent or laundry detergent

use detergent or laundry detergent to clean better oh, because detergent usually contain a small amount of bleach, so it will be easier to make jeans rub off.

8, with about 30 degrees of warm water to clean the

don't use hot water soak jeans, jeans will shrink in the well, with about 30 degrees warm water is good.
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