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How to wash linen-cotton dress? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Cotton, hemp clothing material selection of natural texture, no pollution, it is very comfortable to wear, also special breathable, like of the person also more and more, but the cotton fiber is very tall to the requirement of the pile of clothes washing, a lot of people are not clear how to wash it. Let's learn how to wash protect linen-cotton under clothes.

1, the choice of detergent:
linen-cotton clothes alkali heat resistant performance is good, can use all sorts of detergent, now on the market, such as washing powder and detergent, can be used completely. But for some tie-dye clothing, absolutely can not use detergent to clean with bleaching function, or it will rub off.
2, washing method:
linen-cotton clothes easy to wrinkle, easy to deformation, so it is best not to use the washing machine washing, washed by hand as far as possible, if there is no time to clean, can also choose to put these clothes in the laundry bag, clean with washing machine soft file.
3, drying methods:
clothes washing drainage, the crowd out of the water or lapped up to squeeze the water with a towel, cannot twist wring force, in order to avoid clothes contorts, nor drip dry, excessive contorts after such clothes dry. Linen-cotton clothes should be air-dried for exposure in the sun, in order to avoid fade, had better use string bag when drying flat out to dry.
there are a few small doohickey: when cleaning
1. When dark washing, can be in clean for the first time to join a spoonful of salt.
2. For the black cotton and linen clothes, can be in a final rinse clothes add coffee or strong tea in the water, you can keep your clothes color.
3. Dyeing clothes after washing, bleaching can occur, if wash clothes after, again in clean water rinse, with two glasses of beer added multicolor discoloration.
4. Light cotton clothes will gradually turn yellow after wash for a long time, can add detergent in water, cook for 20 - 30 minutes, and then with water scrubbing can be restored.
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